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RBS’s high academic standing and reputation is widely recognized in China’s management research circles. In 2012, RBS was ranked first in the National Assessment of Disciplines by the Ministry of Education. As an important driver in RBS’ quest to become a world-renowned business school, the School attaches equal importance to both theoretical scholarship and management practice. By developing cutting-edge research theories, RBS seeks to advance national progress and the process of reform and opening-up in China to provide businesses and enterprises with strong conceptual support and practical guidance.

RBS is active in promoting research that supports government decision-making and has built an effective mechanism to transfer research output into practice. The faculty members of the School are committed to advancing the corporate development in China by closely studying China’s business practices and examining problems and experiences from the process of enterprise reform and development. Major projects, such as the Huawei Model Study, Haier Model Study, Shenhua Model Study, Sino-steel Model Study, Petro China Treasurer System Study, TBEA Development Strategy Study, Youngor Group Development Strategy and Organizational Culture Study and the Study on SMEs Financing in the Financial Crisis, are all excellent  examples of the kind of in-depth research based on China’s business practices typically undertaken by RBS, and also demonstrate the contribution RBS makes to advance organizational progress in Chinese enterprises.

In addition, RBS engages with the global academic community in a number of ways. RBS regularly organizes large-scale national and international academic conferences, including the annual Forum on Case-based Research in China, or the 2013 Journal of Corporate Finance Special Issue Conference on Family Firm Governance. These conferences are dedicated to furthering the development of high-quality management research at international standards and enhancing academic exchanges both at home and abroad. In addition, RBS invites overseas scholars working at the forefront of their academic disciplines to lecture at the School on a regular basis.


Papers published on core domestic journals: 138 per year on average
Papers published on international journals: 35 per year on average
SSCI/SCI/EI-indexed English papers: 48 per year on average

Competitive Research Grants

Projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China: 12 per year on average
Projects supported by National Social Science Foundation of China: 3 per year on average
Other projects (funded by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Foundation): 5 per year on average


The Award for Excellent Research (in Humanities and Social Sciences) in Universities by the Ministry of Education: 5 projects on average
The Beijing Award for Excellent Research in Philosophy and Social Sciences: 4 projects on average
Other awards: 2 projects on average

“China Enterprise Management Case Forum”: “RUC Management Forum”
--The first nationally recognized platform for case research and teaching exchanging

From 2007 onwards, RBS, working in cooperation with Management World magazine, has held consecutively annual “China Enterprise Management Case Forum” and “RUC Management Forum”. Unique in China, the forum has obtained a good reputation in management circle, and has become the image brand for domestic enterprise management case studies and teaching.
This forum has attracted many renowned managers and case-study experts from the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, China. Also present are more than 500 representatives from over 40 colleges and universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Europe International Business School, Nankai University, etc.
To ensure high academic standards, the procedure committee of the forum has established a strict paper review system, introducing in 2007 and 2008 for two consecutive years nearly 20 outstanding cases to publish in Management World and Frontiers of Business Research in China.

Frontiers of Business Research in China (FBR)
Domestic Issues: CN11-5746 / F ISSN 1673 7326

About the Journal:
In international academic circles, the research on Chinese enterprise management is gradually gaining ground, and with it comes the emergence of the magazine Frontiers of Business Research in China (FBR). It is a management quarterly in English, initiated by the Ministry of Education, edited and published by Higher Education Press, and issued overseas by German Springer Publishing Company. It is printed in China, and published abroad by means of providing electronic versions to download at expenses (http://www.springerlink.com/content/1673-7326). The cooperative editorial office is located in RBS which is also responsible for soliciting contributions and copy editing. Ji Baocheng, President of RUC serves as the editor in chief, and Professor Mao Jiye associate managing editor in charge of editorial work.
The magazine has drawn extensive attention from researchers on management both home and abroad, and has grown in influences and appeals ever since the opening issue on February 2007. In August 2008, its Chinese issue was approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication. By September 2009, all issues of the years 2007 and 2008 as well as the first three issues of 2009 totaling 11 issues with altogether 92 articles have been put into print and published. By June 2009, the total download capacity of FBR in half a year has reached 4,957 times, ranking the first among the seven humanist magazines listed by Higher Education Press, and it is expected to exceed 10,000 in 2009. At present, FBR has been indexed into such databank as EconLit, Google Scholar, Inspec, OCLC First Search Electronic Collections Online, SCOPUS (Elsevier), Summon by Serial Solutions, etc.
In early 2009, with a view to the present and future development of the magazine, we have put forward with Higher Education Press, our partner the strategic objective of joining SSCI as soon as possible and have set out the undertaking. FBR’s vision is to become the most influential overseas English academic journal on Chinese local Management Studies.

Editors Recruitment:
To meet the demand of the internationalization of the magazine and the new objective of joining SSCI, we are to recruit members of editorial board. Those who have studied overseas and used empirical research methods are preferred. Whoever interested please send your academic resume to us, with your specific research direction highlighted.

Contact: Xingxing Zhao
Frontiers of Business Research in China(FBR)editorial office
Room 0809B, Mingde Business Building, Renmin University of China
No.59, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100872
E-mail: bjournal@188.com
Tel: 010-6251-6409


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