Student Activities

To enhance students’ all-around development and their sense of social responsibility, RMBS supports a number of student activities that fall into three categories -- extracurricular activities for academic and skills development, volunteer services, and cultural and sporting activities.

“Two Contests” -- Discipline-Based Extracurricular Activities for Academic and Skills Development

Since 2006, RMBS has been hosting the Start-up Business Plan Competition and the Extra-curricular Academic Research Paper Contest on a yearly basis, stressing the importance of combining in-class learning with real world practice.

In 2012, the “Two Contests” attracted 589 students in total from many of the university schools including the Business School, School of Finance and the School of Economics, the largest number so far. More than one thousand students have participated in these contests over the years. The “two contests” develop analytical, research, problem-solving and communication skills and lay a solid foundation for students to compete in the RUC “Innovation Cup” Competition of Scientific Research Output.

“ Teaching in Rural Areas” – Volunteer Services, Social Contributions

The summer-holiday volunteer teaching service known as “Spreading Knowledge, Sharing Love” is a trademark event hosted by the RMBS Youth Volunteer Association. Each session is 7 days long, and students help improve the unfavorable conditions of primary schools in the countryside (i.e. limited access to information, shortage of excellent textbooks, and reading difficulties).  Over 20 students have been placed at the Xia Man Yu Primary School in Luoyang City of Henan Province. They support local educational efforts and create a favorable environment for pupils to acquire knowledge, broaden their horizons and form good reading habits.

The Principal of the Xia Man Yu Primary School wrote in appreciation of the program: “Our students were deeply touched by the warmth from the society because the RBS students brought them physical support as well as spiritual encouragement. The selfless help from RBS will serve as an inexhaustible source of spiritual food for our students for their whole lives.”

“Sing with the Wind” – Diversified Cultural & Sporting Activities on Campus

Launched in 1991, the “Sing with the Wind” Original Music Contest for College Students is one of the trademark events hosted by the RMBS. Over the past 22 years, the contest has exerted greater and greater influence inside RUC and other universities in China by produced a great deal of original music and allowing students a chance to pursue their dreams.

The 21st “Sing with the Wind” Original Music Contest, also known as the 2012 International Original Music Contest for College Students, was held in May 2012. The contest took place over nearly 7 months from the earlier preparations (collection of original works, promotional activities inside and outside RUC, and other momentum-building activities) to the finals. Dozens of students from Peking University, Nanjing University, Beijing University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University amongst others actively participated in the contest. There were 242 original copyright works submitted and spread by thousands of Tencent Weibo users, indicating the increasing influence of the contest. The “Sing with Wind” Contest gives full play to the appeal and talent of aspiring and passionate music-loving students.



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