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2009  Post doctor, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University

2009  Post doctor, Business Administration, School of Economic and Management, Tsinghua University

2005  Ph.D., General Management, Business School, Liaoning University

1999  Bachelor, Marketing Management, Business School, Liaoning University

Working Experiences

2015-Now   Professor, Renmin University of China

2010-2015   Associate Professor, Renmin University of China

2009-2010   Assistant Professor, Renmin University of China

Research Interests

Corporate Strategic Management, Innovation Management


Corporate Strategic Management, Corporate Governance, Frontier and Practice of Enterprise Management, Reform and Strategic Change of State-owned Enterprises


Selected Academic Articles in English

1. When Does a Firm Fail to Walk the Talk? Decoupling in International Expansion,《Joural of Management Studies》, forthcoming.

2. Isolating the Effect of Social Risk on MNEs’ CSR Reporting.A New Approach Based on China's Belt & Road Initiative, 《Management and Organization Review》, forthcoming.

3. How does an intra-family succession effect strategic   change  and   performance   in  china’s   family  firms ,《 Asia   Pacific   Journal   of Management》2020.05

4. Lean innovation: Family firm succession  and patenting strategy in a dynamic institutional landscape《Journal of Family Business Strategy》2019.12.

5. Does Network Embeddedness Deter Corporate Fraud? Evidence from China,《Emerging Markets Finance and  Trade 》DOI:10.1080/1540496X.2023.2203807

6. Entrepreneurs’ self-perceived social status and firms’ philanthropy: evidence from Chinese private firms, 《Asia Pacific Business Review》, 2023.3

7. How emergent strategy influences institution: a qualitative study of a private firm in China《Chinese Management Studies》(SSCI),2017.11

8. The Role of Top Managers’  Human and Social Capital in Business Model Innovation 《Chinese Management Studies》(SSCI), Vol.7 2013

Selected Academic Articles in Chinese

1. Zhao Jing, Liu Yujie, Fu keyu, Zhang Yong, Li Xin, 2022. The Path and Mechanism for Large State-owned Enterprises to Play the Function of Industry Chain Leader: A Case Study Based on UHV Transmission Project, Management World.

2. Zhao Jing, Li Lingpeng, He Yaxian, 2019. The Influence of Group Reform on Enterprise Innovation, Management World.

3. Zhao Jing, Wang Min, 2016. Stakeholders, Informal Participation and Corporate Governance, Management World.

4. Zhao Jing, Guo Hai, 2014. Corporate Actual Control Rights, Social Capital Control Chain and Institutional Environment, Management World.

5. Zhao Jing, Guang Xin, Gao Chuang, 2010. Has the Social Capital Control Chain Replaced the Equity Control Chain? - The Construction and Use of Dual Invisible Control Chain of Ultimate Shareholders in Listed Companies, Management World.

6. Zhao Jing, Sun Zejun, Cheng Xiyun, Yin Manqing, 2023. How Do SMEs Supplement and Strengthen the Industrial Chain through the “Specialized and Sophisticated" Development: A Longitudinal Case Study Based on CAXA, China’s Industrial Economics.

7. Zhao Jing, Chi Xu, Sun Zejun, 2022. Synergy or Fragment: The Influence of Policy Synergy on Firm Independent Innovation, China’s Industrial Economics.

8. Zhao Jing, Meng WeiXuan, 2016. The Impact of Official Inspection on Enterprise Innovation: An Empirical Analysis Based on Organizational Legitimacy. China’s Industrial Economics.

9. Zhao Jing, Shubo Zhang, Limin Zhu, 2015. The Influence of Inheritor's Legitimacy on The Strategic Change of Family Business, China’s Industrial Economics.

Selected Monograph

1. Corporate Governance: The Principal and Case,2021. Renmin University of China Press.

2. Beyond Wealth: Family Firm’s Succession and Innovation, 2020. CITIC Press Group.

3. Social Capital Control: A New Paradigm of Corporate Governance,2015. Economic Management Press.

Selected Research Grants

1. Theoretical Research on the Mode and Evolutionary Path of Co-Innovation by Small, Medium and Large-sized Enterprises (Principal Investigator). Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

2. Research on State-led Corporate Social Responsibility (Principal Investigator). Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

3. Research on Social Capital, Resource Dependence and Corporate Control Right (Principal Investigator). Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

4. Research on Industrial Poverty Alleviation Based on Cooperation Between Enterprises and Social Organizations (Principal Investigator). Project of Ministry of Education.

Services & Awards

Key community services

Associate Editor at Journal of Renmin University of China.

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Paper, 2022. Management World.

Typical Case Study, 2023. China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC).

The first prize of excellent Paper,2021. Beijing Regional Economic Association.

Best Paper Finalist, 2019.The academy of management Annual Meeting.

Outstanding Young Scholar, 2017-2022. Renmin University of China.

Best Award for Postgraduate Teacher of Renmin Business School 2018


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