RMBS Faculty of Management Science and Engineering Hosts High-Level Paper Workshop.


On the afternoon of October 25th, the Faculty of Management Science and Engineering of Renmin Business School (RMBS) held a high-level paper workshop online. The workshop invited Professor Mirko Kremer, the department editor of the top international journal Production and Operations Management in the field of operations management, to give a presentation on papers and engage in discussions. The meeting was chaired by Professor Wanshan Zhu from the Faculty of Management Science and Engineering. Professors and students from the Faculty of Management Science and Engineering and other universities attended the conference.

Mirko Kremer first introduced a paper entitled "Persuasive Communication in Operations." The paper addresses the problem of low-demand customers occupying resources in queueing systems, leading to low social utility. It proposes adjusting the queueing willingness of low-demand customers through information design to provide more resources for high-demand customers and enhance social utility. Through experimental and theoretical research dialogue, it provides a new perspective and insights into the use of information in behavioral operations management research.

Manlu Chen gave a presentation on the paper entitled "Distance-Based Fee Design of On-Demand Delivery." Starting from the context of e-commerce, the paper considers the pricing problem in on-demand delivery services. It investigates distance-based pricing models and the impact of consumer self-pickup options on queueing systems.

Wanshan Zhu presented a paper entitled "Demand Forecast for Product Selection with Signals: An Experimental Study." Based on the context of live-streaming e-commerce, the paper studies the impact of the signal strength and quantity indicating product popularity on product selection in live-streaming. Through theoretical and experimental research, it highlights the significant influence of artificial preferences on live-streaming product selection and provides important management implications for practice.

Professor Mirko Kremer, the keynote speaker at the workshop, provided students and scholars with a fresh experimental perspective, broadened their research horizons, and opened up new avenues for future research. The presentations by the professors and the interaction with the commentators also greatly benefited the attendees. The Faculty of Management Science and Engineering will continue to invite renowned scholars from domestic and foreign institutions to organize more high-quality academic activities, promote academic exchanges, and create a favorable environment for learning and communication for students and scholars.


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