Launch Ceremony of America-China-Europe Triple Degree Program Held in Italy


On September 20, 2023, President Shangli Lin and his delegation from Renmin University of China visited Rome, Italy, to attend the launch ceremony of the America-China-Europe(ACE) Triple DegreeProgram in Business Administration program held at LuissLiberaUniversitàInternazionaledegliStudiSociali Guido Carli (LUISS University). The ceremony was also attended by Andrea Prencipe, President of LUISS University, Raffaele Marchetti, Vice President of LUISS University, Peng Du, Vice President of Renmin University of China, Teresa Murphy, Acting Provost of George Washington University, as well as representatives from Renmin University of China, LUISS University, and George Washington University.

To meet the new trends in talent demand for social and economic development, Renmin University of China, LUISS University, and George Washington University jointly launched the world's first America-China-Europe (ACE) Triple DegreeProgram in Business Administration program in 2022, aiming to explore new models for international cooperation in cultivating future global business leaders. The program is open for enrollment by the three universities and students will study at their respective institutions for their first year, and then study together at LUISS University, Renmin University of China, and George Washington University in their second to fourth year. The ACE program is based in three capital cities to expose students to different economic, social, and cultural environments, cultivating their ability to handle complex business problems and develop a cooperative and enterprising spirit. Upon graduation, students will receive a Bachelor's degree in Management from Renmin University of China (major in Business Administration), a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from LUISS University, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administrationor International Business from George Washington University. The inaugural cohort of students will gather at LUISS University in September 2023, marking the official launch of the ACE program in Management across China, Italy, and the United States.

President ShangliLin met with the President of LUISS University (on the right) and the Acting Provost of George Washington University (in the middle).

Andrea Prencipe, Shangli Lin, and Theresa Murphy delivered speeches at the launch ceremony. Shangli Lin pointed out that in today's rapidly developing economic and social landscape, it is increasingly important for students to have an international perspective and the ability to adapt to change. Additionally, with the constant advancements in science and technology, students need to have insight into how technology drives business development. The ACE program among China, Italy, and the United States spans three continents and serves as a bridge for cultural exchange. Therefore, this program is not just an academic degree program but also an important passport for outstanding students who aspire to become international leaders. The guests from the three parties warmly congratulated the official launch of the program and expressed their expectations for its future progress and development.

President Shangli Lin delivered a speech at the launch ceremony.

During the session where representatives from the three schools spoke, the faculty representatives, Professor Reid Click fromGeorge Washington University, Professor ZiliangDeng, Associate Dean of the Renmin Business School, and Professor Antonio Majocchi from LUISS University, introduced their respective research in the field of global business and trade markets. They encouraged all participants in the program to collectively address the essential questions of the era and the world in the field of business. They also encouraged students to strengthen cross-national and cross-cultural exchanges. Yuhan Huang, the student representative from China, shared her experiences and aspirations since joining the program.

Associate Dean ofRenmin Business School, Prof.ZiliangDeng delivered a speech

The students from the ACE program who participated in the inauguration ceremony, along with other faculty and student representatives.

Before the start of the inauguration ceremony, President Shangli Lin and President Andrea Prencipe held talks, discussing issues concerning the construction of the ACE program and student internships, as well as looking ahead to the deepening of strategic cooperation between the two universities. President Prencipe warmly welcomed President ShangliLin and his delegation to visit University of LUISS and reviewed the cooperative history between the two universities in various fields. President Lin pointed out that the ACE program, jointly run by Renmin University of China, University of LUISS and George Washington University, is an important achievement in the deepening cooperation between the two universities and a pioneering initiative in the field of cross-border academic exchange and cooperation. Both sides should continue to give full play to their strong advantages in the fields of humanities and social sciences, further deepen cooperation, and respond to the demands of today's world economic development for compound talents that are cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural.

President Shangli Lin talked with the President of LUISS University

After the inauguration ceremony, President Shangli Lin met with the first batch of Chinese students participating in the ACE program. He expressed his care and concern for the students and shared his high expectations for them. President Lin emphasized the importance of students not only immersing themselves in business studies but also thinking beyond the boundaries of their major. He encouraged them to embrace challenges, cultivate their abilities, and enhance their overall qualities. He urged the students to adopt a broad perspective rooted in humanities and social sciences, enabling them to effectively contribute to Chinese enterprises on the global stage. President Lin's ultimate aspiration is for the students to become world-class professionals with a deep understanding of Chinese business management.

President Shangli Lin met with the first batch of Chinese students participating in the ACE program

During this period, Prof.ZiliangDeng and Prof. XingzhiJia had extensive discussions with the leadership teams of the respective schools, departments, and academic departments at LUISS University and George Washington University on various matters related to student education. They attended the core course of the program, International Business, and had communication with Professor Alessandra Perri. They also brought Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes made by the Renmin University of China cafeteria to all the students, extending festive greetings to them. Furthermore, they visited the students' dormitories to investigate the living and dietary conditions of Chinese students.

Core Course: International Business

Prof. Ziliang Deng and Prof. XingzhiJia visited students in the dormitory


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