The 7th Annual Meeting of RBS International Advisory Committee was Successfully Held


The 7th Annual Meeting of RBS International Advisory Committee, held on May 6th and 7th, ended in great success.


The meeting commenced by the session of term transition, held by Huang Jiangming, the Senior Associate Dean of RBS. The third committee members rose up to 33. Yuan Baohua stayed as the Honorary Chair of the Committee, and Fu Yucheng, the former chair and CPC Leadership Group Secretary of Sinopec Group Corporation, took up the post of the Committee Chair. The attended committee members were presented with letters of appointment by Liu Wei, the President of RUC.



Fu Yucheng was the host of the 2016 annual meeting of RBS International Advisory Committee.


In the welcoming speech, Liu Wei firstly dedicated his sincere gratitude to the support and attendance of all committee members and congratulations on the successful opening of the 7th annual meeting. Then he stressed the significant role of International Advisory Committee in global strategy of RBS, speaking highly of RBS targeting at “business school with the fullest knowledge of China’s business”, and expecting that RBS would find her own advantage and innovative power to meet the challenges, and meanwhile the opinions and suggestions of committee members would be well appreciated and applied to the work of improvement.

Dean Mao gave the annual comprehensive report to the committee members, in which he reviewed the basic facts and major progress of RBS, the turns of markets, and the new target of “being the business school with fullest knowledge of China’s business”. Afterwards, he listed the major reforms of RBS in the following aspects: master and doctoral program, faculty system, EMBA & EE program innovation, “Understanding China” Program (the new strategic high-end training program), TAP program, etc. Mao expressed his gratefulness to the consistent support from International Advisory Committee. “We are looking forward to more valuable thoughts and opinions”, Mao said, “RBS will strive to become one of the most respected and top ranked business schools in the world.”


Afterwards, Liu Xiaomei and Ye Kangtao, the Associate Deans of RBS, delivered lengthy report on undergrad education and faculty research respectively.



Professor Arnoud De Meyer, President of Singapore Management University, with Professor Nicholas Hope, Director of China Program in Stanford Center for International Development, delivered keynote speech on RBS’s innovation and entrepreneurship education. In addition, the committee proceeded discussion and exchanged opinions on “Understanding China” program.

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The outstanding achievement of RBS in 2015 was highly appreciated by the committee. Specific suggestions were given to the issues put forward in the annual report. The new target of “being the business school with the fullest knowledge of China’s business” also won high recognition among the committee members.

RBS initiated the partnership with IE Business School on Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program. DBA Program was intended to improve the management capability of its students, to guide the senior administrative officers to be “scholarly leaders”, to produce managerial elites and leaders in all industries. The deans of the two business schools signed the letter of intent at the annual meeting. The next step of cooperation would start at any time.



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