The 8th RBS International Advisory Committee Annual Meeting Held in Beijing


On 13th May, 2017, RBS held its 8th International Advisory Committee (IAC)Annual Meeting  in Beijing.


Committee members

President of RUC LIU Wei, Vice President LIU Yuanchun, committee members and other executives from RBS attended the meeting. FU Yucheng, Chair of the 3rd International Advisory Committee, former president of Sinopec Group, and Secretary of CPC Leadership Group was the host of the meeting.


President of RUC LIU Wei


Vice President LIU Yuanchun


Committee member FU Yucheng

President LIU Wei awarded a letter of appointment to Dr. Zou Gang, Chief Economist at Bank of America Investment Services Inc., and welcomed him as a new IAC member.

President LIU Wei then delivered a welcome speech and expressed deep gratitude to IAC members for their ongoing support. He spoke highly of IAC’s pivotal role in the branding and growth of the school, and wished for continued support and dedicated resources from the committee members. He hoped that the top management of the school would make appropriate strategic decisions based on the IAC members’ feedback and grasp new opportunities.

After that, Dean MAO Jiye gave a briefing on the school’s development in AY2016-2017 in faculty team, student enrolment, and revenue and expenditures among other areas. He went on to discuss major challenges and actions in recruiting high-caliber talents, construction of the northern campus, preparation of the China Immersion Program, commitment to research on social business in China, Center for SOE Reform and Development, and other strategic projects. He also introduced the school’s plan to fine-tune its vision, mission and values, and presented the school’s new logo.


Dean MAO Jiye

Senior Associate Dean HUANG Jiangming then briefed the committee on alumni services and endowment funds during 2015-2017. Over the last three years, the school has seen improved alumni services, better communication with alumni, and increased donations. The school has made new breakthroughs in fundraising by enhancing communication with donors and increasing transparency. It has set up scholarships and stipends for student exchange programs. Prof. Huang also shared his view on the challenges in alumni services and fundraising.


Senior Associate Dean HUANG Jiangming

Associate Dean WANG Kanliang made a presentation about the school’s EMBA programs. According to him, against the backdrop of adverse market environment, EMBA programs nationwide have major setbacks. RBS will continue to improve its operation and faculty resources, and stay responsive, innovative, open-minded and proactive in an effort to adapt to the changes of the market, clients and competitors.


Associate Dean WANG Kanliang

Vice President LIU Yuanchun gave a speech about China's macro economy. He pointed out that the Chinese economy is slowly recovering, marking the start of a new cycle. The key to future growth is to restore balance sheets and to transform government behavioral patterns. Emphasis should be placed on both economic growth and risk control.

IAC members spoke highly of the school’s remarkable achievements last year, and shared their insights on talent recruitment, strategic programs, key priorities, construction of the northern campus, and EMBA program reform.

At the end, FU Chengyu, Chair of the committee, concluded that the school should reform operational mechanisms, stay highly responsive to the changing market, improve alumni services and external relations, tap alumni resources, reposition EMBA program, offer more executive training programs, build up the China Immersion Program, and contribute in its own way to the reform of state-owned enterprises.


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