Seminar (Dept. of Organization and Human Resources)

Copyfrom:Organization and Human Resources Time:2024-05-27

Title: Machine Learning Method in Management Research

Speaker: Abhishek Sheetal (Hong Kong Polytechnic University.)

Time: 14:00 (Monday), May 27, 2024

Venue: Room 713, Mingde Business Building

Language: English


As more and more empirical ML papers have appeared in the literature, so have some practices that would otherwise raise eyebrows in traditional empirical research. In this talk I present three ongoing projects. First, I elaborate on those practices that any researcher can detect. Second, I present a framework that combines ML with traditional methods (e.g., field survey and experiment) that budding empirical ML researchers can use—one that prevents the ability to adopt those practices. Third, I present how national pride predicts investors' support for crowdfunding initiatives—an emergent theory generated using that framework.


Abhishek Sheetal is a research assistant professor in the department of Management & Marketing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Abhishek conducts research at the intersection of AI technologies and social and management sciences. As a computer systems architect prior to joining academia, Abhishek had spent a considerable amount of time in developing public good computer technologies such as USB, ethernet etc. For Abhishek, computer technologies exist to make people live a better life and to solve societal problems, and AI/ML technologies are no different. Using AI/ML as a mere digital calculator to analyze data for novel research insights or for better policy making is a departure from other current mainstream research that are focused on how AI is perceived in society or how organizations are planning to adopt these new technologies. As a testimony of his alternate vision of AI/ML, his first research article was featured in The New York Times. His work has published in Psychological Science, American Psychologist, Applied Psychology: An International Review, etc.


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