Seminar(Dept. of Trade Economics)

Copyfrom:Trade Economics Time:2024-06-20

Title:The Complementarity between Product Scope of Imports and Exports: Evidence from Chinese Apparel Industry

Speaker:Qiugu He(Nankai University)

Time: 10:00-11:30am, June20th(Thursday), 2024

Venue:Room 1008, Mingde Business Building



Empirical evidence suggests a complementary relationship between the scopes of imports and exports in shaping export value by examining the Chinese apparel industry. Motivated by this, we model multi-product firms' decisions on imports and exports. This model highlights the role of import scope in enhancing the productivity of both core products and peripheral products. We estimate demand curves, the production function for exported products and the relative efficiency of foreign inputs. Subsequently, we quantify the impacts of tariff reductions and quota removals within this framework. The counterfactual analyses show that both import and export scopes expand due to liberalization driven by the two trade policies. Moreover, the ignorance of the interaction between import and export scopes results in a significant underestimation of the positive effects of trade liberalization on the improvement of productivity and welfare of foreign consumers.


Qiugu He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Software Engineering from Central South University and Peking University, respectively. Following that, he pursued a Ph.D. in Economics from Singapore Management University. In 2021, Qiugu joined the School of Economics at Nankai University as an Assistant Professor.

Qiugu's research interests encompass a broad range of topics, including economic growth, industrial organization and international trade. His work focuses on developing and analyzing quantitative models in these areas.


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