The First Meeting of the International Advisory Committee of RBS


To improve external governance system and keep long-term sustainable development at an international level, preparations for the International Advisory Committee started at the end of 2009. Twenty one well-known experts, scholars, business leaders and government officials were invited as members of the 1st International Advisory Committee.
The First Meeting of the International Advisory Committee of RBS-- the Inaugural Conference was held in Mingde Building in the morning of March 27, 2010. President Ji gave sincere thanks to ex-president Yuan Baohua for acting as director of the Committee and to the university and the RBS for their support. He said that the RBS shall endeavor to upgrade its international recognition to meet the needs of economic globalization and China’s integration into the world economy. This job, he pointed out, needs more external support. Therefore the Committee is of great significance for the further development of the School. Finally, heartfelt thanks to all committee members were also given by President Ji on behalf of the university. After the inaugural ceremony, Dean Yi Zhihong gave a report of current situations and the development strategy of the RBS. She also made exchanges with the committee members on the committee charter, the development strategy, strategic objectives, strategic positioning, characters and governance of the RBS and gave much valuable suggestions. It is agreed that first-class School of Business is necessary for building a world-class university. With accurate strategic positioning and planning, the strategic objectives can be achieved through persistent efforts. Some member business leaders said they would like to contribute to the development of the RBS.

The establishment of the International Advisory Committee marks an important milestone on the School’s road to keep sustainable development and raise its international recognition. The Committee will provide great support for the School to achieve its strategic objectives.


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