The 10th Annual Meeting of International Advisory Committee Held in Business School, Renmin University of China


On May 11, 2019, the 10th annual meeting of the International Advisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) of Business School, Renmin University of China (RMBS) was held in Beijing.


Photo of the members

Huang Jiangming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Associate Dean of RMBS, presided over the meeting. He expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude to the leaders and members attending the meeting, and showed the members the history and development of the committee.


Huang Jiangming

Wu Xiaoqiu, Vice President of Renmin University of China, delivered a welcome speech. He said that with the globalization and the greater international influence, RMBS will face more opportunities and challenges, and the role played by International Advisory Committees will be increasingly significant. He expressed his gratitude to all the members who have made outstanding contributions to the development of RMBS in the past nine years, and warmly welcomed the new members of the 4th committee. He hoped that the members could offer suggestions for the future development of the school so as to help improve its internationalization and realize the grand vision of “building a world-class business school as the expert in Chinese management” based on China's management practice.


Wu Xiaoqiu

The International Advisory Committee of RMBS was established in 2010 and the term of office changes every three years. This year marks the establishment of the fourth committee with 31 members. On the day of the meeting, Jin Nuo, Party Secretary of Renmin University of China, presented letters of appointment to the members present.


Jin Nuo Offers Letter of Appointment to Cheng Hong

2019 witnesses the rapid development of RMBS where challenges and opportunities coexist. Mao Jiye, Dean of RMBS, made a report on the situation of the business school for 2018-2019. He introduced the school’s overall work in the past year from the aspects of international ranking and accreditation, scientific research achievements, case development, teacher introduction, student cultivation, and international exchanges and cooperation. He deeply analyzed the difficulties and challenges faced by the school's development at present, and put forward countermeasures. He also pointed out the school's two strategic measures in 2019, namely, “the action plan for comprehensively enhance the internationalization and digital transformation and organizational restructuring”.


Mao Jiye

The second phase of the meeting was presided over by Cheng Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and vice president of the Beijing Municipal Committee of CPPCC. She affirmed the outstanding achievements made by the business school last year and asked members for comments and suggestions on the difficulties and challenges faced by the development of the school mentioned by Dean Mao Jiye and organized on-site discussions. Members of the Committee fully expressed their views based on their excellent vision and experience in their respective fields, and the discussion at the meeting was lively.


Cheng Hong


Santiago Iñiguez DE OZOÑO




Zeng Jin



After the discussion, Cheng Hong made a concluding speech.  She believes that RMBS taking internationalization as its future development goal is a right decision, but it should have a longer-term plan instead of merely upgrading its international ranking. The first point is to stick to the basic starting point based on China-“only one is national, one is international”. The second point is to highlight the characteristics. Management is the most practical in all disciplines. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to the reality, strengthen case teaching, practice first, and combine theoretical promotion and summary later. The third point is to strengthen the function of think tanks and to put together to study the real economic management issues. The fourth is to improve the teaching level, enhance the internationalized vision and concept. At the same time, teaching, management and cases should better meet the needs of digitalization. We should combine traditional industries with digitalization to revive new energy.

At the end of the meeting, Dean Mao Jiye made a response to the opinions and suggestions of the members. He thanked the members for their accurate suggestions on the future development of RMBS and said that the school would conduct in-depth research and discussion on the opinions put forward by the members and put them into place in the school's future work.

Appendix: List of Members of the 4th International Advisory Committee of RMBS


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