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Bachelors, Masters, PhDs

RMBS offers a variety of degree programs in business administration at different levels including bachelors, masters and PhDs, boasting a first-class program of business administration and a reputation as the only business school in China to host three national key disciplines of enterprise management, industrial economics and accounting in one place

Bachelors – RMBS pursues continuous innovation in its bachelor programs with a focus on student development, drawing upon its distinctive teaching practices such as extensive offerings of core courses, small classes, practice-oriented teaching and tutors for bachelor candidates. The School is active in promoting major and minor degree programs and has taken full advantage of the existing excellent educational resources to launch several programs including BBA(Law), BBA(English) and International Summer School Classes, aiming to improve students’ learning environment and knowledge structure and educate talents with multidisciplinary backgrounds and international perspectives. In addition, the School encourages students to compete in various corporate management challenges and start-up design contests at home and abroad to enhance their perceptual and cognitive abilities as well as sense of participation; the School also provides many opportunities for students to apply to overseas exchange programs with the aim of developing their international perspectives. RMBS has ranked first amongst all the schools at RUC  in bachelor graduates’ employment rates for several years.

Masters and PhDs – RMBS offers a combined master and PhD program that meets international standards with a focus on fostering excellent research-oriented academics. During their training, students benefit from a large proportion of research methodology and literature review courses which enhance their research capabilities and disciplinary knowledge. The School has recruited more than 10 overseas senior academics who, as guest professors or visiting professors, have contributed to the development of core masters’ courses offered at RBS and in the joint programs between RBS and their home universities. Students master cutting-edge knowledge and the latest research in their discipline through academic lectures and seminars.

RBS attaches great importance to the development of academic norms and institutions in advancing quality education, and therefore fosters a robust understanding of academic integrity in its students. The School also pursues government-sponsored funding for participation in overseas masters’ courses and takes a leading position in the number of students sent to study abroad on government-sponsored programs amongst the university-affiliated business schools in China.