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Experience plus Internationalization

In 1998, RMBS launched a joint EMBA program with the State University of New York at Buffalo. This program was the first of its kind in China, and was evaluated as the best Sino-foreign EMBA program by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 2002, RMBS became one of the first schools in China to run its own EMBA program with the approval of the State Council's Committee for Academic Degrees. The EMBA program is aimed at educating outstanding managers eager to improve themselves and contribute to society.  The curriculum with a focus on resource integration and decision-making, emphasizes a practical and international orientation.  The program has drawn considerably from the best practices of successful overseas EMBA programs. It also provides students with systematic, innovative and practical knowledge and skills in business administration that suit the current Chinese situation and are directed towards solving problems in domestic enterprise management.

SOAR: RMBS’s Innovative EMBA Plan

EMBA courses have traditionally emphasized students’ acquisition of complete knowledge systems, and therefore have often suffered from a lack of openness and flexibility in addressing management dilemmas faced by business leaders. To address this, RBS decided to reform its EMBA courses based on international perspectives and business practices. In 2010, RMBS launched the SOAR Plan, a curriculum reform developed by RMBS’ EMBA Center that focused on developing the thinking patterns of managers. SOAR is short for 4 types of knowledge: Science, Organization, Arts, and Reflection. The plan aims to educate business leaders to adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances, by helping students to understand the essential aspects of an issue, construct knowledge systems and learn how to integrate international resources.


The Chinese Masters in Practicing Management (CMPM) program was launched by RMBS in 2009. It is a variant of Professor Henry Mintzberg’s International Masters in Practicing Management (IMPM) program. The CMPM program takes a different approach from traditional management education through self-reflective and team-based methods. With an emphasis on current conditions in China, the CMPM program endeavors to educate business leaders in innovative thinking by incorporating western and eastern management philosophies and emphasizing management practice.


The CMPM program combines an understanding of local Chinese management practices and culture with cutting-edge management skills, so that students develop a solid theoretical base while also sharing their own management experience. The program also aims to improve learning by linking students’ knowledge and experience through multiple teaching methods with a unique role for the director of each module.

Carefully designed by a group of senior professors at RBS, the CMPM program has received acclaims from students and society for its innovative teaching philosophy, course content, teaching methods and management, and has helped bring management education at RMBS to a higher level.