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Name:Kangtao Ye
Administrative Position:Deputy Party Secretary
  • Overview
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Education 2006 – 2008 Post-doctoral Student, University of North Carolina
2006 Ph.D., Accounting, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
1999 Master, Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics
1996 Bachelor, Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics

Working Experiences
1999–2002 Discipline Secretary (Economics and Management), Self-teaching Examination Office of the Ministry of Education Examination Center

Research Philosophy:
Professor Ye came up with the idea of “Cognitive Accounting” and he thinks that the emerging and development of accounting lies in the need of socioeconomic activity management. The accounting technical characteristics determines the role of accounting. In addition, the cognitive ability of managers also plays an important part in accounting function.

Teaching Philosophy:
Education is to take a variety of effective teaching methods to help students fill the gap between their existing knowledge structure (“what they have”) and their desired knowledge structure (“what they need”). As sycg, in the design of every course, Professor Ye would firstly survey the knowledge structure and abilities that the students want to master through such course as well as students’ existing knowledge and abilities. Professor Ye then develops the course to help students fill the knowledge gap between “what they have” and “what they need.”

In 2016, Professor Ye was selected as one of the Young Cheung Kong Scholars of the Ministry of Education of China.