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Name:Dongping Qi
Title:Associate Professor
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Education 1990.9-1994.10 Joint Doctoral Program, Renmin University of China and Peking University
1990.9-1991.10 Study at the Institute of Economic Research of Renmin University of China
1987.9-1990.7 Master, Department of Industrial Economy, Renmin University of China
1979.9-1983.7 Bachelor, Department of Management Engineering, Jilin Technology University

Assistant professor of Accounting and Finance department at Renmin University of China Business School, PhD in Economics.

Formerly employed as a civil servant at State Planning Commission (reformed as National Development and Reform Commission), participated in research projects including “Five-year plans on National Economy and Social Development” with NDRC and “Development Strategies and Policies for Western China” with United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Interested in undertaking research and teaching activities from scientific perspective, and has been analysing continuously on the considerations and behaviours of individuals as well as human groups.

Focusing on analysing theoretical problems via practice: undertaking corporate investment persistently for 18 years from 1995 till now based on the method of portfolio investment, during which periodthe investment method of “critical investment” is derived.

Interviews: “Lower investment index implies better timing to undertake 'ritical investment'“ published in “School of Business” column by China Business Journal, September 2012.

Passionate about sports and travel: having been to more than 20 countries including UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, etc.
Working Experiences
1997.8- Present Teacher, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China
1994.12-1997.8 Civil Servant, National Development and Reform Commission of China
1983.8-1987.8 Researcher, Institute of Economics of Jilin Academy of Social Sciences