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Name:Jianxin Geng
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Education Professor Geng was previously graduated from Zhejiang Metallurgy and Economics Institute in 1981 and then, received a B.A. in Economics from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in 1988. After spending two years on the faculty of accounting department at Hebei University of Finance and Economics, he entered Renmin University in 1990, and had been a protégé of Dawu Yan, who was among the most well known scholars in the accounting field. He received honorary doctorates with the successful dissertation Studies on the Enterprises’Accounting Management from Renmin University in 1993.
Working Experiences
Since 1993, when he joined the faculty of Business School in Renmin University and held various leading positions such as Director of teaching and research group and Department Head. He is currently serving as the Academic Directory Professor in Renmin University. In 1998, he had been to Hong Kong University of Science &Technology to perform teaching practice as a senior visiting scholar. In 2002, from January to May, he had been to Cardiff University as a visiting professor, sponsored by Royal Academic Funding.