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Organization and Human Resources Department's Lecture

TOPIC:Thriving and Retention of Self-Initiated Expatriates: A Conservation of Resources Perspective

TIME:2:30-4:30 ,Jul6,2018
PLACE:Room1007 Business Building 
LANGUAGE:Chinese and English 

Taking a ‘positive psychology’ perspective and drawing on Conservation of Resources theory, we apply the concept of “thriving” to explain expatriate retention. Using two-wave panel data from 103 international teachers in the United States, we found that cultural intelligence directly influenced thriving, which in turn led to expatriate actual retention. In addition, cultural intelligence’s positive effect on thriving was more pronounced when organizational embeddedness was high. Applying the concept of thriving to explicate expatriate experiences, we go beyond the dominant emphasis in the expatriate literature on expatriate adjustment problems to emphasize the positive work experiences of expatriates. In doing so, we highlight the joint contribution of both personal and organizational resources rather than demands (i.e., stressors) associated with global work experiences.