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Marketing Department's Lecture

TIME:14:00 ,Jul4,2018
PLACE:Room706,Bussiness Building

TOPIC:Knowledge Structure in Product- and Brand-Origin-Related Research: A Longitudinal Examination and Conceptual Framework
SPEAKER:Brian R. Chabowski (The University of Tulsa)

Scholarly research regarding origins of products and brands is deep-rooted within international marketing, with an extraordinary following as evidenced by the large body of knowledge that is continuing to evolve. The goal in this research is to examine this domain, generically referred to as the country-of-origin (CO) literature, and identify important topical influences forming its intellectual foundations across three time periods. Using co-citation analysis and multidimensional scaling, spatial representations of the CO literature are developed to identify new research directions with the goal of advancing the field. The database used consists of 428 articles, extracted from the Web of Science, that contain 28,093 citations, and which we divide into three time periods (1980-2004, 2005-2014, and 2015-2017). This longitudinal comparison reveals the development of the CO literature's foundations over time and provides a basis for discussing further progress. A conceptual framework is developed based on these results to unfold novel topics and research directions that will benefit from closer scholarly inquiry. Using this framework, several critical areas are identified that will both complement and advance the field.

Dr. Brian R. Chabowski received his Bachelor's degree in History, Spanish, and International Studies from Monmouth College (Illinois), his MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management Consulting (majors) as well as Finance (minor) from Indiana University, and his PhD in Marketing (major) and International Business (minor) from Michigan State University. He is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Tulsa and has published widely, receiving numerous awards for contributions to research and education development in the fields of marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and international business. During his time at the University of Tulsa, he has published on marketing strategy and international marketing topics in such journals as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Retailing, and other leading journals. Prior to his experience in academia, Chabowski worked in the technology, transportation, and manufacturing industries in various capacities and has lived, worked, and studied in Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Estonia.