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General Management Department's Lecture

TIME: 14:00 Jul2,2018
PLACE:Room 1008, Business Building
TOPIC:International Services and Guanxi
SPEAKER:Dr. Brian R. Chabowski(Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Tulsa)
LANGUAGE:Chinese and English 

Academics examining the international services phenomenon draw from a well-established literature base emphasizing the general services topic as well as the more specific international marketing theme. Based on 153 articles containing 8,545 citations drawn from the Web of Science (WOS), this project unfolds the intellectual foundations of this domain using bibliometric approaches as a means of developing a better understanding of the international services topic. The intention of this portion of the presentation is to assess this subject and develop a proposed framework for future international services research directions.
A similar approach is used with regard to the guanxi literature, as well. Employing co-citation analysis as a basis for the study, this research includes 541 articles with 37,659 citations from the WOS database. In fact, a longitudinal evaluation of this research topic is accomplished by contrasting the 1988-2007 and 2008-2017 time periods. Using network theory, the results lend themselves to the proposal of specific future research directions in the guanxi domain which are based on the established literature.


Dr. Brian R. Chabowski received his Bachelor's degree in History, Spanish, and International Studies from Monmouth College (Illinois), his MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management Consulting (majors) as well as Finance (minor) from Indiana University, and his PhD in Marketing (major) and International Business (minor) from Michigan State University. He is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Tulsa and has published widely, receiving numerous awards for contributions to research and education development in the fields of marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and international business. During his time at the University of Tulsa, he has published on marketing strategy and international marketing topics in such journals as the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Retailing, and other leading journals. Prior to his experience in academia, Chabowski worked in the technology, transportation, and manufacturing industries in various capacities and has lived, worked, and studied in Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Estonia.