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Management Science and Engineering Department 's Lecture

TIME:2018-05-16 12:00 ,May16,2018
PLACE: Room 201 Business Building
TOPIC:Group-based Reputation and Social Lending
SPEAKER:Chong Wang

LANGUAGE:Chinese and English

Kiva, the largest prosocial crowdfunding platform adopt a group-based reputation system and rank teams according to the total contributions. Although reputation systems are broadly implemented in online platforms, a group-based system has unique dynamics in which the social identity theory and the public good theory produce contravening predictions. We empirically investigate the effect of group-based reputation in prosocial crowdfunding with data collected from Kiva. Our analysis suggests that high rank serves as a signal of others' contributions and results in a decrease in subsequent team contribution. Further analysis reveals that while lenders who join a single team decrease their contributions following a high team rank, lenders with multiple teams show no significant change.