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Organization and Human Resources Department's Lecture

TIME: 12:30 ,4 Apr,2018
PLACE:Room1008,Business Building 
TOPIC: A Motivated Information Processing Perspective on the antecedents of empowering leadership
SPEAKER: Daan van Knippenberg(Drexel University)

Empowering leadership is an important influence on team effectiveness. This makes the question of what the antecedents of team empowering leadership are an important issue to consider. To address this question, we propose a motivated information processing perspective that holds that engaging in empowering leadership is based on social information processing, and that there are individual differences in how elaborate that information processing is. We argue that a key consideration in shifting control from the leader to the team is the extent to which empowering leadership is driven by leaders’ consideration of their trust in the team (i.e., an instance of social information processing), and that need for closure (a trait capturing the disposition to carefully consider decisions and actions) moderates the relationship between leader trust in team and empowering leadership. To establish that the antecedents of empowering leadership are consequential for the desired outcome of empowering leadership – team effectiveness – we further propose an indirect effect of the leader trust in team by leader need for closure interaction on team effectiveness that is mediated by empowering leadership. A survey of N = 158 work teams supported these hypotheses. We outline how the motivated information processing perspective complements and extends research in empowering leadership and has broader implications for the study of antecedents to leadership both from a trait and from a situational perspective.