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Organization and Human Resources Department's Lecture

TIME: 14:00 ,9 Apr,2018
PLACE:Room1008,Business Building
TOPIC:Trends and Challenges in OBHR Research: Better Data for Better Theory and Evidence
SPEAKER: Daan van Knippenberg(Drexel University)

In this talk, I give my perspective on the development and challenge of research in organizational behavior and human resource management moving into the future. Whereas there is likely to be a strong trend for OBHR to linearly develop in incremental ways, in this talk I focus on anticipated developments that have the potential to cause a shift in the kind of theory we develop and the kind of data we need to do so. My starting proposition is that it is increasingly clear that the surveys that are the mainstay of research in OBHR is associated with validity problems both in terms of measurement quality and in terms of the static, linear theory that survey data our suited to test. Technological and methodological developments are increasing our opportunities to use alternative data sources in more dynamic ways, and are likely to increasingly do so in years to come (e.g., big data, text mining, machine learning, neurocognition, experience sampling, etc.). As these developments take hold in allowing OBHR research to tests better theories (e.g., more dynamic) with better data, researchers that do not stay abreast with these developments will be left behind.