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General Management Department's Lecture

TIME: 10:00 9 Apr,2018
PLACE:Room1008,Business Building

TOPIC:The “Front end”: Designing Your Top Journal Submission Around the First Paragraphs of the Manuscript
SPEAKER: Daan van Knippenberg(Drexel University)

In this talk, I draw on my experience as an author, reviewer, and (Associate) Editor of Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Journal, and Academy of Management Review to share some thoughts on what is necessary to publish in top journals in management. Based on these insights, I propose it is a useful exercise to let your study design be informed by the first 3-5 paragraphs of the manuscript you would write based on the study – the “front end” of the paper. These paragraphs should capture why the topic you study is important, what the problem is with the current state of the science, how your study addresses that problem, and how this contributes significantly to the science. Whereas these may sound as established insights to some, or many, I argue that journal reviewing and editing practice suggests that experience shows differently, and that there is value-added in “writing the paper” already in the study design phase.