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  The Global Network for Advanced Management fosters substantive ties among the world’s leading business schools from both economically strong countries and those on the horizon of economic development, providing opportunities for faculty to exchange ideas and for students to experience the complexity that will characterize any environment in which they will lead. Importantly, relationships among network members transcend more traditional bi-lateral interactions with proscribed agendas; each network member benefits from the perspective and intellectual contributions of every other and can use the network in creative ways.

  Global Network institutions can use the network to exchange ideas, collaborate on data collection, and partner in faculty research that influences the practice of business. The sharing of course materials, including case studies that incorporate specialized regional expertise from member schools, enriches the academic experience for students and faculty at all network organizations. Students from across schools can engage in project work as part of a global team, and more traditional student and faculty exchanges are also available. Finally, network institutions can nominate high-achieving students in their programs for consideration for the highly selective Master of Advanced Management program at the Yale School of Management.