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Yujun FENG
Professor Yujun Feng works in Renmin University of China Law School as a doctoral supervisor and assistant to the Dean, director of Jurisprudence Seminar and Dong Biwu Legal Thoughts Seminar of China Law Society. He acts as Secretary-general of the J.M Committee of Renmin Law School, and the senior expert of China-EU Information Society Project. He was Edwards visiting scholar of Columbia Law School and visiting scholar of Harvard Law School during Aug. 2005-Sep.2006; senior visiting scholar of the Hitotsubahi University (Japan) during Nov.2007-Dec.2007; Dan Chan Visiting Fellow of Law School at the Victoria Univesity of Wellington (New Zealand) during July.2009-Aug. 2009.
The CCTV 12th Channel appointed Professor Feng as a chief-lecturer of the program “Story and Law” in 2005. His researches focus on jurisprudence, law and economics, law and globalization, comparative financial law, and science of legislation.

Zhiyong DONG
Mr. Zhiyong Dong is Assistant Dean of Peking University School of Economics, Associate Professor in Economics. Professor Dong achieved his Mphil & PhD of Economics from University of Cambridge, U.S.A, and then Ph. D. in Economics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He was assigned the chief specialist of the 26th World University Games in market research. And in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Professor Dong acted as head of commodity pricing, and chief expert of Beijing Olympic Games Licensed Products Survey and Research Committee. As the author of dozens of journal papers, Professor Dong published two English books "Competitiveness and Adaptability in International Trade" in 1999 and "Capital Account Liberalization in China: Issues and Options" in 2005.

Yunxia Feng
Ms Yunxia Feng is Associate Professor of Organization & HRM Department, Business School, Renmin University. Her research interests include organizational culture and managerial communication, especially on comparative organizational culture between Chinese and western countries. Professor Feng achieved her Doctor& Master Degree of Business Administration, Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands, and taught in Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Denmark as a visiting scholar in 2007. As the author of dozens of journal papers, she won the 2nd award of excellent paper issued by Chinese HR Development Association, Beijing in 2004. Ms Feng is Member of IACMR (International Association of Chinese Management Research) and Member of Chinese Soft Science now.

Zhihong Yi
Professor Zhihong Yi is Dean of Business School, Renmin University, Professor of Finance Department, and Associate Director in National Committee of Business Education. Professor Yi focuses her researches on Corporate Finance, Capital Market and Consumption Economics, and offers Capital Market to MBA students and Finance to undergraduate students. For her excellent contribution on teaching, Professor Yi was awarded Excellent Teaching Achievement Award by Beijing Educational Committee in 2008; Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation “Excellent Young Teacher Award for Higher Education School in 2002; and the 7th Beijing Philosophy & Social Science Excellent Research Award in 2002. Professor Yi acts as Independent Board Member, Huaqiaocheng Holding Co. and Independent Board Member, Chongqing Sanxiashuili Co. now.

Ting-Jui Chou
Mr. Ting-Jui Chou is the Professor of Marketing, Business School, Renmin University of China. Professor Chou obtained Ph.D. from Warwick Business School, the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. Besides his teaching experience in Mainland China, Professor Chou also taught in Taiwan from 1990 to 2002 and University of South Australia as International Graduate School of Business, Program Director (Offshore MBA), Bilingual Subject Leader from 2007 to 2008. His research areas are Global Competition in Chinese Market, Chinese Relationship Marketing, Consumer Psychology and Behavior, and Customer Value, Brand Loyalty and Variety Seeking Behaviors. Professor Chou is Committee Member of Chinese Marketing Academy now.

Wei Liu
Wei Liu is Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Policy, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China. Professor Liu achieved her Ph.D. in Political Science from Arizona State University. Her major was International Relations, and the minor was Comparative Politics. Professor Liu is interested in the following research areas: International Relations, International Organizations and Law, International Governance and Development; Contemporary China Politics, China’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy; Asian Security, Research Methods in Social Sciences and Public Policy. She holds professional memberships in American Political Science Association, International Studies Association and Association of Asian Studies.

Luo, Jar-Der
Luo, Jar-Der is a professor in Sociology Dept. of Tsinghua University (Beijing) and the president of Chinese Network for Social Network Studies. He earned his Ph.D degree in the Sociology Dept. of the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1993. He researches numerous topics in economic sociology and social network studies, including social capital, trust, network structure and their impacts on organizational behaviors and Chinese management. He published six books and dozens of journal papers in various types of journals. Professor Luo, with a group of voluntary network theorists, organized Chinese Network for Social Network Studies (in brief, CNSNS) in 2005, aimed at promoting Network Theories and Social Network Analysis in China. In 2008, he organized The Sustainable Reconstruction Project, which establishes a model for sustainable reconstruction in rural areas that emphasizes sustainability of local ecology, economy, and social systems.

Chengsi ZHANG
Mr. Chengsi Zhang is a Professor of Finance, and Deputy Chair, Dept. of Monetary Finance, School of Finance, Renmin University. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics, the University of Manchester, UK in 2006 and then joined School of Finance, Renmin University. From Aug. 2008 to Aug. 2009, Professor Zhang taught in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a visiting professor. Professor Zhang is assigned the consultant of State Administration of Foreign Exchange and The World Bank, and Editorial Board, Frontiers of Economics in China (Econlit). His professional memberships include Econometric Society and Royal Economic Society.