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Master Program in International Management with Euromed Marseille Ecode de Management
The study duration of master program in international management lasts 12 months. It mainly teaches specialized management knowledge in the context of globalization. After their study, students are expected to master the managerial ability to address complicated matters of global concern and the decision-making ability to deal with important issues.

Objectives of the program 
The program mainly teaches enterprise management skills and leadership. The analysis and research will be carried out in a variety of methods, including both in-class and out-class activities combined, group discussions and independent work, etc. 

Major orientation (nine majors)
International sports and large-scale events management
Public health management
International marketing
Financial investment management
Supply chain management practice
Individual development and leadership
Global management
Non-governmental organization management
International business

Career prospects
With the increasing demands of managerial talents to address multi-cultural affairs in companies, students will enjoy a brighter career prospect. The following are some of the job opportunities: international marketing manager, international consultant, import and export management personnel, international project manager, export marketing manager, non-governmental organization project manager.