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It is of great significance to establish a set of effective regulations to uphold fairness and impartiality in recruiting, with a view to ensuring the interests of students, employers and the schools. The Center for Career Development has set up the following regulations hereinafter, which are hopefully to be followed by the employers. To your constant support, we express our gratitude.

The Principle of Time
In order to ensure ample time for students to contemplate your offers and make a final decision, it is required that no less than 3 weeks be spared for them to consider whether to accept the offer or not, and that all the offer letters in autumn semester be delivered after 31st, November of that year.

The Principle of Fairness
We shall, in conformity with the principle of fairness, provide services to all students and enterprises. It is required that employers abide by such a principle in the recruiting procedure, dispelling discriminations against any candidate in terms of race, region, sex, age, religion, disability or nationality.

The Principle of Integrity
We believe that the decisions to recruit and to be recruited are conducted on the basis of integrity. Students, once they have signed the employment agreement, should stick to it, and violations of it go against the employment system and moral code of Renmin University of China. In the event of any violation on the part of our students, please contact us in time; we shall deal with them strictly. Therefore, be sure to deliver the name list of the employed students to us for our verification.

The Principle of Openness
Those enterprises that have issued job advertisements in the Center for Career Development are not entitled to terminate the employment process without reason. It is advisable that the enterprises in question announce to the students, through our center, the progress made in each recruitment link and the time arrangement; they should also feedback the final recruitment results to the center.