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Department of Organization and Human Resources

The Department of Organization and Human Resourcesis the backbone of Business Administration, RBS’ Level 1 National Key Subject. The main area of research covers management theory and Chinese management, leadership theory and organizational behavior, corporate culture, human resourse management, organizational theory, etc. The educational programs the department currently contributes to include the Bachelor of Business Administration (English), the Business-Law Joint Degree, and masters’ and doctoral programs in business.  It is also a mainstay of the MBA, EMBA, and IMBA professional masters’ programs. Several of the department’s courses have been assessed as exemplary courses by the Beijing Municipal and National governments. 

The Department of Organization and Human Resources has 15 full-time faculty members, including 6 professors, 7 associate professors and 2 assistant professors, of whom 8 are PhD supervisors). Eight have obtained their doctoral degrees overseas. All department faculty members have experience studying at overseas research-oriented universities either for their PhD degrees or as visiting scholars. Professors Zhang Kai and Liu Jun are both members of the Ministry of Education’s New Century Top Talent Support Plan. The latter has been awarded National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Professor Daan van Knippenberg, the co-director of department, is an acknowledged outstanding scholar of organizational behavior and leadership. The department maintains close and frequent cooperation with universities and institutes in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Faculty members are not only actively engaged in advanced international researches, but also enjoyed good academic reputation home and abroad, holding a large amount of research projects supported by national and provincial fund. Younger faculty members in particular have strong international publication records, and their teaching and research have won provincial- and national-level awards. Innovation of fundamental theories and theoretical and empirical study rooted in Chinese management practice are also the major feature of the department. Senior faculty members such as Professor Yang Du, Professor Qin Zhihua, Professor Wang Liping are well-known both for research and teaching of local corporate management.

For its future development, the department will focus on team building, enhance its advantages and competitiveness, and promote discipline development and research innovation. It will coordinate the development of teaching, research and consultation, and maintain its leading edge in terms of faculty development, research, and industry consultation. It will reinforce its competitiveness in strong disciplines and key academic areas, establish an internationally recognized school of management theory , and produce theoretical innovations to build itself into a national leading and world-renowned base for scientific research and talent training.

Senior faculty members:


Professor Jun Liu
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Assistant to the Dean (Master and PhD Programs)
Major Areas of Research: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Management Research Methods

Professor Zhihua Qin
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Strategic Human Resource Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Organizational Change Management

Professor Liping Wang
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Principles of Organizational Management, Management with Chinese Characteristics, Enterprise Strategic Management.

Professor Du Yang
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Enterprise Growth Theories, Knowledge Management, Corporate Culture, Enterprise Ethics

Professor Kai Zhang
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Director of the Department of Organization and Human Resources
Major Areas of Research: Leadership Theory and Organizational Behavior, Corporate Culture, Strategic Management of Human Resource