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Department of Marketing


Department of Marketing offers multiple degree programs from the undergraduate level to the master and PhD levels, and also set up numerous core or elective courses for MBA, IMBA, or MIB programs. It plays an important guide for undergrad and graduate projects. In recent years, the department has made significant advances in research and teaching in the areas of marketing theory, consumer behavior, brand management, advertising and marketing communications, customer relation management, and international marketing.


The department boasts a talent baseof 20 full-time faculty members and 2 overseas part-time professors. Many of them obtained doctoral degrees in prestigious overseas universities or have long term experience of overseas academic life. A lot of influential papers have been published on top academic journals home and abroad, for instance, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Management Science, Management World, China Soft Science, Acta Psychologica Sinica, etc. They have also provided marketing consultations or training services to hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises.


The Department of Marketing is focusing on combining internationalization with localization to advance innovations in marketing theory by drawing upon Chinese business practice and enhancing international academic collaborations.  It aims to build top-tier research areas in consumer behavior, cross-cultural marketing and Chinese corporate marketing. Its goal is to become the training base for innovative marketing talents in China with a global reach.


Senior faculty members:


Professor Guan Chen
Professor appointed by Peking University Center for Economic Research and National Development Research Institute
Major Areas of Research: Branding Strategy and Marketing, Creative Cultural Industries, Pulbic Welfare

Professor Guoqing Guo
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Government Marketing and Service Management, Not-for-profit Organization Marketing, History of Marketing Thought, Global Marketing


Professor Fengjun Liu
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Marketing Theory and Practice, Strategic Brand Management


Professor Xianguo Li
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Marketing Theory, Marketing Strategy, Channel and
Sales Management, Circulation Economy


Professor Xiaomei Liu
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Associate Dean of RBS
Major Areas of Research: Macroeconomic Theory and Policies, Marketing Management