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Department of General Management

The Department of General Management confers PhD degrees in business administration, master degrees in general management and bachelor degrees in general management. The department also houses Renmin University’s Supply Chain Strategic Management Research Center.

The 18 faculty members of the Department of General Management all hold PhD degrees from well-known domestic and overseas universities.. The department has set up complementary and interrelated research teams in six main research areas: strategic management and corporate culture, supply chain logistics and information management, quality management and standardization, corporate governance structure, entrepreneurship and innovation management, and international management. The department regularly conducts exchanges with well-known domestic and international universities, and also invites renowned scholars to teach and lecture at the school so as to disseminate cutting-edge management knowledge. 

The department aims to become a leading national and world-renowned research base in corporate strategy and management. Its development strategy is to highlight strong disciplines, promote research, form complementary and distinguished research teams, and rely on its rich academic heritage to train first-class management talents with both theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Its approach to discipline construction is conceived of as ‘combinations’, namely: combination of Chinese background and international development trends, combination of theoretical study and corporate practice, combination of research and teaching, and combination of empirical research and case studies.  In this way, the department has made itself a cutting-edge theoretical and practical platform to study China’s enterprise development issues.

Senior faculty members:

Professor Dong Cheng
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management

Professor Jingsheng Lv
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Governance, Corporate Legal Practices, Internal Control, Risk Management

Professor Gang Liu
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Director of the Department of General Management
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Strategy and Culture, Traditional Management Thought

Professor Hua Song
PhD, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, PhD Supervisor, Associate Dean of RBS
Major Areas of Research: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Service Supply Chain, Supply Chain Finance, especially the Study on Bilateral Relations and Flexibility of the Supply Chain

Professor Yuanfang Song
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Associate Dean of Graduate School
Major Areas of Research: Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management, Business Strategy and Information

Professor Fengbin Wang
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Organizational Theory, Management of Group, Modularization and Network of Organization, Innovation and Overseas Investment

Professor Erming Xu
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Vice Chair of the China Enterprise Management Research BoardMajor Areas of Research: Strategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management

Professor Jianming Yao
PhD, Phd Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Operation Management, Logistics Management

Professor Jing Zhao
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Associate Director of Center for Governance and Development of Private Enterprises
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Strategies and Governance