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Department of Trade Economics

The Department of Trade Economics was set up in 1950 as one of the first 8 departments of Renmin University of China. The discipline of industrial economics, which emerged from the merging of the disciplines of industrial economics and trade economics, has been designated as a national key discipline and has twice been ranked first in the National Assessment of Disciplines by the Ministry of Economics. It was among the first authorized to confer master and doctoral degrees in China, and to set up a center for post-doctoral studies.


The department offers two undergraduate programs (Trade Economics and International Business), three master’s programs (Industry Economics, Business Economics and International Trade), and two doctoral programs (Industry Economics and Business Economics) and hosts the MIB program.


Over half a century, the department has developed into a top research and training base, while housing a large group of top scholars who are experts in China’s contemporary industry economics, business economics, international trade and business theory. The department has also produced a number of senior professionals in key national positions.


The department has always focused on promoting the development and integration of the disciplines of trade economics and international trade, and on strengthening and consolidating the discipline foundation of industrial economics. The department undertakes a number of basic and applied research projects in areas of major national strategic needs and key scientific issues. The faculty of the department has published high-quality journal articles in prominent journals both at home and abroad including Chinese Social Science, Economic Research and International Business Review. The department provides policy advice and other services to the leaders of the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, and other industrial government departments and enterprises. As well, it is engaged in international exchanges with universities and organizations in the USA, Germany, Britain, Korea and Japan, including the World Trade Organization and the World Bank.


The department will continue to advance its discipline construction to enhance talent training, scientific research and social services in the disciplines of industrial economics, business economics and international trade. It will enhance the integration and interaction of all these disciplines, retain its strength in business economics and create new advantages in the disciplines of international trade and industry economics, maintain its leading position and focus on achieving international recognition in certain research areas.


Senior faculty members:


Professor Yongjun Chen
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Reform and Development of Chinese Economy, Market and Industrial Development, Urbanization and Regional Development


Professor Kejian Gu
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Member of RUC Academic Committee, Director of RBS Academic Committee
Major Areas of Research: Fundamental Theories of International Economics, Mathematical and Quantitative Analysis of International Economy, International Business


Professor Xiangdong Liu
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Economics of Distribution, Trade Economics, Channel and Retail Management


Professor Xiaodong Wang
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Director of the Department of Trade Economics
Major Areas of Research: Commodity Circulation Theory, Reform of Market and Distribution System


Professor Yaxing Wang
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Foreign Trade and Industrial Internationalization, WTO and Industrial Policy


Professor Jiabin Xu
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Industrial Structure and Innovation, Industrial Chain and Global Industrial Division of Labor