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Department of Finance

The Department of Finance was established in 2006. Currently, the academic focus of the department falls into two major areas- finance and real estate. Research in the field of finance is concentrated mainly on financial management, capital markets and securities, while research in the field of real estate addresses the management of real estate companies and the finance and valuation of real estate. The department boasts strong research competencies in corporate finance and real estate economy. In recent years, department faculty have had a number of academic papers published in domestic first-class journals and undertake 3-4 national-level research projects each year. More than ten financial management textbooks authored by the Department of Finance are influential throughout China.


The expertise of the department’s faculty is varied, includes financial management, capital market and asset valuation, real estate management and finance, managerial accounting, auditing and financial information, which lays the foundation for the development of unique interdisciplinary courses. The faculty is diverse with an increasing proportion of international faculty members that are either overseas passport holders or have obtained their PhD overseas (the co-director of finance department is hired from university abroad), paving the way for internationalization in research and teaching.


All students in the Department of Finance also have access to high-quality teaching and opportunities to study abroad. Graduates from the department are highly qualified for employment and sought after by employers such as national top universities, academic and research institutes, the finance departments of national ministries and commissions, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, major commercial banks, major securities agencies, insurance companies, certified accounting firms, and other large companies.


The department aims to consolidate and promote its reputation in local academic circles for its expertise in financial management and real estate management, strengthen research in capital market and securities investment, enhance its global academic influence , and reputation in capital market and asset valuation. The ultimate goal is to develop itself into a research-oriented talents base with a first-class academic team inChina and abroad.


Senior faculty members:


Professor Fuxiu Jiang
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Director of the Department of Finance
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance


Professor Yan Li
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Director of CMIN (Center for Microfinance Initiatives & Networks) of Renmin University of China
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Finance, Market Microstructure, Microfinance, Internet Finance


Professor Weida Kuang
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Deputy Director of the Department of Finance
Major Areas of Research: Real Estate Economics (housing price fluctuations  and bubbles, real estate development and macro-economy), Real Estate Finance (housing credit risk, real estate capital markets), Urban Economy (housing and land)


Professor Kenneth A. Kim
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Finance and Governance, Behavioral Finance, Asian Financial Markets


Professor Chang Song
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Vice-president of the Institute for China Audit Education
Major Areas of Research: Finance Theory and Policy, Auditing and Accounting Theory and Practice


Professor Maozhu Sun
PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Management Accounting, Cost Management, Financial Management


Professor Huacheng Wang
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Secretary General of the National Steering Committee of MPAcc Education
“Yangtze River Scholar” Distinguished Professor
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Finance Theory, Managerial Accounting


Professor Nianxing Xu
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Awarded First Batch of Top Talent Youth by ODCC (Organization Department of Central Committee of CPC), Awarded National Top 100 Doctoral Dissertations
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Politicial Connection, Risk of Share Price Collapse, Stock Price Synchronicity, Behavior of Analysts


Professor Xuemin Yan
PhD, Co-director of Department of Finance, Tenure professor of Department of Finance, School of Business, University of Missouri
Major Areas of Research: Fund Investment, Asset Valuation


Professor Zhihong Yi
PhD, PhD Supervisor, Vice president of RUC, Former Dean of RBS,
Major Areas of Research: Corporate Finance, Capital Market, Consumer Economics


Professor Ruijun Zhang
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research: Financial Management of ”Internet+” Enterprises , Corporate Management of Financial Resource and Risks, Risk Investment


Professor Xiaoqiang Zhi
PhD, PhD Supervisor
Major Areas of Research:Accounting Standards, Corporate Finance, Incentives and Performance Evaluation