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Business simulation, a popular business education model and an effective tool for managers to learn decision-making skills, is playing a unique role for the training of future managers. To attract more students to business simulation and improve their competence in applying business skills, the Center for Experience-Based Learning in Economics and Management, Renmin University of China, RMBS Comupter and Lab Center and RMBS Career Development Center jointly initiated “2009 Business Simulation Contest, Renmin University of China”, which was sponsored and supported by CESIM, a world-renowned business simulation education provider in Finland.

The contest will provide an effective platform for students to learn and exchange ideas about business simulation. It is aimed to:
1. familiarize students with various problems that may occur in actual business operation and improve students’ decision-making and analytical ability through competition in authentic situation;
2. enable students to apply theory to practise through decision-making, competition and study in a highly authentic business situation;
3. improve students’ sense of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, enhance their soft skills in leadership, critical thinking, team work and effective communication and develop their sense of responsibility;
4. build a platform for participants that facilitates communication and networking and promote the culture and innovative education model of business simulation.

Previous Contest

The First Contest (2009)
The first “Business Simulation Contest, Renmin University of China” was held from April. 7 to May. 27, 2009 and participated by 413 students in 36 majors from 15 schools such as Business School, School of Economics and School of Finance.

The contest was composed by preliminary round, final round and virtual board of directors. In the first two rounds, participants competed on hotel management in seven stages through the decision-making simulation platform “onservice”. Those who obtained the highest return won out. In the section of “virtual board of directors”, the teams that performed well in the previous two rounds made on-site presentation and analysis, which was later commented by senior corporate executives and professors of management.


Center for Experience-Based Learning in Economics and Management, Renmin University of China
Comupter and Lab Center, School of Business, Renmin University of China
Career Development Center, School of Business, Renmin University of China

CESIM, Finland (
CESIM provides the following online simulation courses:
Enterprise Decision-making Simulation: Cesim Global Challenge
Marketing Strategy Simulation: SimBrand
Service Industry (Hotel) Management Simulation (as employed in this Contest): OnService