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The Computer and Laboratory Center is dedicated to maintaining a world-class lab-based teaching platform by keeping abreast of the latest developments in management disciplines and introducing state-of-the-art techniques to students and faculty.

In 2006, RMBS joined with Microsoft China to set up the first Microsoft ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) laboratory in a Chinese university – the RUC-Microsoft ERP Laboratory.

In 2007, RMBS collaborated with Microsoft China and the CSIP Center of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to launch the “Talent Training Plan” which puts students who excel in the ERP course into the Microsoft talent pool.

In 2008, RMBS introduced two business decision-making simulation courses into the modules of strategic management and marketing, namely, CESIM of Finland’s Global Challenge and SimBrand.

In 2009, RMBS signed a memorandum of cooperation with AtTask (the American supplier of firm-level project management systems) and built the Joint Laboratory on Project Management by RBMS and AtTask.

In 2011, RMBS built an RFID-based system to analyze customer-buying behaviors and installed the system in several supermarkets in Beijing and Shanghai to collect data and samples for consumer behavior analyses that will further studies in marketing.

In 2011, RMBS signed a college alliance agreement with SAP China and joined the SAP College Alliance Plan.

In 2012, RMBS built the Laboratory on Leadership and Communication Behaviors to support the teaching of such courses as leadership, organizational behavior, managerial communications, public relations and consumer behavior, as well as research in these areas.

Through cooperation with top international companies, the Computer and Lab Center has  established an enterprise management information system and a simulation platform for enterprise decision-making, based on international management theories and practice. Lab-based teaching on these platforms is capable of delivering cutting-edge management ideas and methods to students through situational experience simulation.

Since 2008, the Center has been organizing students to participate in the “Peak Time” National Business Simulation Competition for Chinese College Students, helping them to learn and exchange ideas through situational and experiential business decision-making activities. Students have won prizes in every competition over the past few years. In the second session of the “Peak Time” competition in 2010, RMBS undergraduate students won first and third place and MBA students won first and second place in the national finals. The champion team of the undergraduate group was chosen to compete in the global final of the “Peak Time” Business Simulation Competition held in Latvia and was also invited to Finland along with the champion team of the MBA group. The Computer and Lab Center also initiated the annual RUC Business Simulation Competition in 2009. Every year, approximately 400 students from nearly 20 schools of the university participate.

The RUC Economics and Management Lab-based Teaching Center which is mainly concentrated at the RBS Computer and Lab Center was recognized as a “Model of Lab-based Teaching in Beijing Higher Education” by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2007, and “National Model of Lab-based Teaching” by the Ministry of Education in January 2009. In November 2012, after a four year development period, the Computer and Lab Center was certified by the Ministry of Education after an on-site inspection.