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Alumni and Education Development Fund

RMBS alumni constitute the most important part of the RMBS family. Over the past 60 years of development, RBS has produced more than 50,000 alumni across the country and around the world.

In 2006, the Alumni Office was opened to manage all work related to RMBS alumni.

The RMBS Alumni Association was founded in 2008, with the purpose of “connecting the alumni, serving the alumni, sharing resources and contributing to society”. Each program center, including the MBA, EMBA, and EE program centers, have also established their own fellow-students associations (namely, the MBA Alumni Association, EMBA Alumni Association, EE Alumni Association, Part-time Masters Fellow-Students Association) which support strong connections between alumni and between alumni and RBS. The RBS Alumni Association serves as a communication platform for alumni members to share experiences and knowledge, build cooperative relationships, and help each other in career development by organizing activities such as forums, lectures, seminars, homecoming parties and other fellowship activities.

The RMBS Alumni Association features the following activities:
RMBS Alumni Day - On the second Saturday of each July, all clubs hosted by the RBS Alumni Association invite alumni and their families to join in diverse activities;
RMBS Outstanding Contribution Award - Since 2012, RMBS Alumni Association has presented this annual award to individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to the School, as a way of expressing thanks to the alumni for their help and support;
RMBS Homecoming Parties - The RBS Alumni Association organizes annual homecoming parties for alumni grouped by class or year to visit the School and experience changes.

In 2006, the RMBS Education Development Fund was launched to raise money from RMBS alumni, domestic and overseas companies, social organizations and other individuals, for the management and development of the School. Organizations and individuals are able to donate during the Annual Donation Event as well as other special fund-raising projects organized by the RBS Alumni Association.

To contact the RMBS Alumni Office




Tel: 86-10-82503316,86-10-82503576
Office: Room 1027, Mingde Business Builiding, Renmin University of China

To contact the RMBS Education Development Fund

Tel: 86-10-82509183