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Established in June 2006, the Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to student career development and counseling. With the purpose of serving students and employers, the CDC has created a platform for better communication between students and employers and offer students the newest and most comprehensive information in terms of jobs, internships, career development planning and vocational skills training. The major responsibilities of the CDC include: Recruitment Services & Information, Professional Training & Skills Development, Job Assessment & Counseling, Alumni & International Students Services, Document Settlement & Process Control, Employment Statistics Analysis & Research.

The CDC provides students with career development planning throughout the academic year and familiarizes them with ideas of career development from the beginning of their studies. The CDC categorizes students’ career development into four phases: 1) know the self and the society properly, 2) sketch the development direction, 3) try it in practice and 4) develop phased career objectives. The CDC also assists RBS graduates in changing jobs by drawing upon the RBS alumni network.

Career development services are as follows:

• Career development training courses, dealing with five major topics – career planning and self-perception, job market analysis, professional qualities, employment guidance, and how to start a business;
• One-on-one career consultations;
• Career assessment;
• Information on jobs & internships;
• Paperwork and clerical duties concerning job placement and internship.

The CDC maintains long-term collaborative relationships with employers and provides flexible and efficient services in recruiting and promotion for employers. Employers may choose from a range of services (including services in terms of recruitment and interaction with students) offered by the CDC in accordance with their actual needs.

The CDC has developed a number of opportunities for employers and students to interact, including: the RBS job fair, on-campus recruitment briefings and interviews, release of job information via multiple channels, recruitment of interns, recommendations for graduates, establishment of internship bases at companies, etc.

The CDC also holds a number of activities that allow employers to mentor students in terms of how to improve professional qualities and skills as well as to expose students to the excitement of the business world.