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The Business School, Renmin University (RMBS) emerged from the Department of Factory Management, the Department of Trade, and the Finance and Bookkeeping Department established in 1950. It was the first academic institute in China to provide a number of management education programs and has consistently been at the forefront of New China’s business administration education. Over the past 60 years, RMBS has pioneered China’s management education by training large numbers of top economic management talents for the business world and government departments, preparing numerous qualified teachers for China’s higher education institutions, establishing many new education programs, developing a range of new research fields, compiling large quantities of textbooks widely-used by China’s universities as well as having an impact on government decision-making processes and enterprise development.

RMBS currently has seven departments: the Department of Finance, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Department of Accounting, Department of Trade Economics, Department of Enterprise Management, Department of Marketing, and the Department of Organization and Human Resources. The School’s well-structured faculty has excellent teaching and research capabilities. It hosts 147 full-time members, over 42 of whom obtained their PhD degrees in top oversea universities, for example, MIT, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, etc.

In the national assessments of academic disciplines by the Ministry of Education, RMBS hosts the Level I national disciple of Business Administration and three Level II disciplines: Enterprise Management, Industrial Economics and Accounting. The comprehensive strength of the School’s disciplines consistently ranks it amongst the top Chinese universities. In 2012, the School’s Level I discipline, Business Administration, ranked first in China in the 3rd National Assessment of Disciplines by the Ministry of Education. RMBS offers a full range of degrees and training programs in business administration from undergraduate to PhD. Currently there are seven doctorate programs, nine master programes,five professional master programs and seven bachelor programs, with a number of special streams, such as the Chinese Masters in Practical Management stream of the EMBA program or the English Stream of the Bachelor in Business Administration.

In recent years, internationalization has become a cornerstone for the School. It has been accredited by EQUIS and AACSB in 2010 and in 2013 respectively, becoming one of the first business schools in mainland China accredited by the top two global authorities for management education quality improvement.Currently, MBA program, EE program, and EMBA program entered the top 50 of Financial Times, ranked 39rd, 13th, and 43rd respectively.


RMBS has established long-term partnerships with over 80 prestigious universities in the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, France, Japan, Korea, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Taiwan. These partnerships involve faculty visits, student exchange programs and research collaboration. In 2012, RMBS took part in the founding of Global Network for Advanced Management, based at Yale University, which greatly enhanced the School’s international influence.

As part of Renmin University of China, the School supports the University’s principles of “The people's university, a spirit of humanism and a focus on humanities and social sciences”. The University’s motto “seeking truth from the facts” informs the School’s approach to teaching and research. RMBS’ mission is to “create management knowledge, educate leadership talents, and shape business practices locally and globally, to advance social progress.”  The School provides management expertise that supports China’s development and produces global leaders. By fulfilling its mission, RMBS aims to achieve its vision: “To contribute Chinese management wisdom and global leadership talents to the world”.