Yan Yan Depart.:Management Science and Engineering Academic Title:Lecturer(Assistant Professor) Tel:8610-82500436 Fax:8610-82509169 Email:yanyan@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn; Y.Yan@ruc.edu.cn

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University   of Groningen (The Netherlands)                       Sep. 2015 – Sep. 2018

Ph.D,   Coopetition Strategy & Innovation Management 

University   of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)          Sep. 2014 – Jun. 2018

Ph.D, Innovation Management

University   of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)          Sep. 2012 – Jun. 2014

Master, Innovation Management

Renmin   University of China (China)                                     Aug. 2004 – Jun. 2008  

Bachelor, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Working Experiences

School of Business, Renmin University of China                   Sep. 2018 –Now

Tenure Track Assistant Professor (Distinguished Young Scholar)

Research Interests

Innovation network; Coopetition strategy.


Selected Academic Articles:

1. Yan, Y., Zhang, J., Guan, J.C.*, 2020. Network embeddedness and innovation: evidence   from the alternative energy field. IEEE Transactions on Engineering   Management, 67(3), 769-782.

2. Yan, Y., Tian, S., & Zhang, J. 2020. The impact of a paper’s new combinations and new components on its citation. Scientometrics, 122(2), 895-913.

3. Yan, Y,   Guan, J.C.*, 2019. Entrepreneurial ecosystem and entrepreneurship performance: the moderating role of internet attention. International Entrepreneurship   and Management Journal. 15, 625–650.

4. Zhang, J., Yan, Y., Guan, J.C.*, 2019.  Recombinant distance, network governance and recombinant innovation. Technological  Forecasting and Social Change, 143, 260- 272.

5. Yan, Y, Guan, J.C.*, 2018. Social capital, exploitative and exploratory innovations: the mediating roles of ego-network dynamics. Technological   Forecasting & Social Change. 126, 244-258.

6. Yan, Y, Guan, J.C.*, 2018. How multiple networks help in creating knowledge: evidence   from alternative energy patents? Scientometrics, 115(1), 51–77.

7. Yan, Y., Dong, J.Q.*, 2018. Toward a Network Perspective on Coopetition: External Coopetition Networks, Internal Network Structures, and   Knowledge Recombinant Capabilities. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 78(1)

8. Guan, J.C.*, Yan, Y, Zhang, J.J., 2017,   The Impact of Collaboration and Knowledge Networks on Citations. Journal of Informetrics, 11(2), 407-422.

9. Yan, Y, Guan, J.C.*, Zhang, J.J., 2017. The dynamics of technological   partners: a social network perspective. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, doi: 10.1080/09537325.2017.1321110.

10. Guan, J.C.*, Yan, Y., 2016. Technological proximity and recombinative innovation in the alternative   energy field. Research Policy, 45(7), 1460–1473.

11. Guan, J.C.*, Zhang, J.J., Yan, Y., 2016. A dynamic perspective on diversities and network change: partner entry, exit   and persistence. International Journal of Technology Management, 74(1), 221-242.

12. Guan, J.C.*, Zhang, J.J., Yan, Y., 2015. The impact of multilevel networks on innovation. Research Policy, 44(3),   545-559.

13. Guan, J.C.*, Yan, Y, Zhang, J.J., 2015. How do collaborative features affect scientific output? Evidences from wind power field, Scientometrics, 102(1), 333-355.

14. Zhang, J.J., Yan, Y., Guan, J.C.*, 2015.Scientific relatedness in solar energy: a comparative study between the USA and China, Scientometrics, 102(2), 1595-1613.

15. Lv,   X.*, Yan, Y., Yu, A., Zhang, J.J.,   2010. Ordering trees with given pendent vertices with respect to   Merrifield-Simmons indices and Hosoya indices. Journal of Mathematical   Chemistry, 47(1), 11-20.


Selected Presentations at   Academic Meetings:

2020  Academy of Management (Online)

2019  Academy of Management (Boston)

2018  Academy of Management (Chicago)

2018  Strategic   Management Society Conference (Oslo)

2017  Academy of   Management (Atlanta)

2016  Academy of   Management (Anaheim)


Services & Awards

1. 2019 Best Doctoral Dissertation Award (Chinese   Society of Technology Economics)

2. 2018 Distinguished Young Scholar (Renmin   University of China)

3. 2018 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings

4. 2018 Strategy Management Society Best Paper Nomination

5. 2017 UCAS Dean Award (UCAS)

6. 2017 UCAS Pacemaker to Merit   PhD Student

7. 2016 National Award for PhD researcher (China)

8. 2016 Cheng Siwei Research Award (UCAS)

9. 2014 Paul Research Award (UCAS)

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