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1991.09–1994.06  Ph.D., Economics, Renmin University of China and McGill University;

1988.09–1991.07   Master, Economics,  Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China;

1984.09–1988.08   Bachelor, Economics, School of Accounting, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Working Experiences

1994.06–Present  Teacher & Researcher, Department of Accounting and Department of Finance, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China.

Research Interests

Financial Affairs and Finance, Audit and Accounting


Financial Analysis and Financial Management (for Undergraduates);Audit Theory and Methods, Audit Theory and Practice, Corporate Finance and Financial Management ( for Postgraduates);



Academic Articles
“Security Analyst Coverage and The Cost Stickiness of Chinese Listed Firms”, Economic Theory and Business Management, No.6 (2016);
“Thoughts about National Audit Based on the New Trend of National Governance”, Auditing Research, No.2 (2015);

Chang Song, Zhao Yiqing, 2011, Local Administrative Monopoly, Product Market Competition and Investment Comovement——Based on Empirical Evidence on the Panel Data of Listed Companies in China, Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University, Vol.5, pp.52-59

Chang Song, Zhao Yiqing, 2011, Research on China's Listed Companies Executive Compensation Incentive Effects, Commercial Research, Vol.5, pp.72-77

Chang Song, Zhao Yiqing, 2011, The Study on the Designation of the Evaluation System and the Framework of the Investment Project Performance Auditing, Auditing Research, Vol.1, pp.40-46

Chang Song, 2011, Explore the Follow-up Auditing, CFO World, Vol.1, pp.19

Chang Song, Liu Sihui, 2011, An Empirical Study on Lifecycle Stage Classification and Measurement of China’s Corporate, Commercial Research, Vol.1, pp.1-10

Chang Song, Liu Sihui, 2011, Information Disclosure, Institutional Investors holding, and Over-investment of Listed Companies, Commercial Research, Vol.11, pp.104-109

Chang Song, 2010, A Research on the System of Performance Auditing with Chinese Features, Journal of Audit & Economics, Vol.11, pp.3-9

Chang Song, Song Jiaxing, Chen Qian, 2010,The Construction of Performance Management System Using Balanced Scorecard by Tiandi Science and Technology Co. Ltd. Finance & Accounting, Vol.10, pp.44-46

Chang Song, Li Hua, 2010, Research on Foreign Direct Investment in China and Some Issues of Merger and Acquisition --- Based on the Value Chain Theory of Monopolistic Competition, Journal of Tongling University, Vol.8, pp.3-7

Chang Song,


Research on Transnational Finance Issues, China Renmin University Press

Cases and Textbooks

Editor-in-chief of Auditing, China Renmin University Press;
Writer of Financia

Services & Awards

Key community services

Executive Council Member, China Audit Society;

Deputy Director, Audit Education Branch;

Member, Criterion Committee of China Institute of Internal Audit;

Member, Financial Management Committee of Accounting Society of China.

Honors and Awards

2000-2001, “The series course of accounting and the research and practice of reform of its teaching content for the 21st century” was awarded first prizes of excellent teaching achievement of Beijing city in 2000 and second prizes of national excellent teaching achievement in 2001

1998, “International Financial Management” which was funds for doctoral research and projects of Humanities and Social Science in state education commission in1996, was awarded second prizes of the fifth Beijing outstanding achievements of philosophy and social sciences in 1998

RMBS made the Top-50 list of MBA,
EMBA and EE programs——The Financial Times

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