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2003.09-2006.07  Ph.D., Management, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China

1998.09-2001.07  Master, Management, Accounting Department, Renmin University of China

1994.09-1998.07  Bachelor, Economics, Accounting Department, Renmin University of China

Working Experiences

2001.07- Present  Teacher, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China.

Research Interests

Corporate Financing, Investor Protection, Cost Management


Financial Management, Cost Management, Cost Accounting



Academic Articles
(1) Laifang Li, Zun Niu, “Analysis of Internet Financial Risks and Supervision Suggestions”, Macroeconomic Management, No.1 (2017);
(2) Laifang Li, Yuhang Ye, Jian Sun, “Market Competition, Debt Financing and Excessive Investment”, China Soft Science, No. 11 (2013);
(3) Laifang Li, Yu Cheng, Weihua Zhang, “Can Investor Protection Restrict Enterprises’ Excessive Investment? – A Research Based on Relationship between Financing and Investment”, China Soft Science, No. 1 (2012);
(4) Laifang Li, Weihua Zhang, Yu Cheng, 2010,Ownership Arrangement, Risk of Tunneling and Investor Protection—Based on the Empirical Evidence of Listed Company Financing, ICMSE(EI,ISTP);
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(9) Laifang Li, Liwei Bo, “The Influence of Control on Jiangsu Sunshine and Relevant Enlightenments”, Finance & Accounting, No.7 (2008);
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(11) Laifang Li, Huacheng Wang, “The influence of control rights on financing size—from the angle of agency and


Monograph: Laifang Li, Research on the Influence of Control Rights upon Listed Companies’ Financing Behavior, China Financial & Economic Publishing House, January 2009;

Translation: Yuxue Chen, Laifang Li, Time-driven Activity-based Costing, The Commercial Press, July 2010;

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