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2002.09 – 2005.06  Ph.D., Economics, Nanjing University

1999.09 – 2002.01  Master, Management, Anhui University of Finance & Economics

1987.09 – 1990.07  Harbin Finance College

Working Experiences

2007.5 – Present    Professor, Department of Finance, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China

2005.07 – 2007.04  Postdoctoral Research Station, Guanghua School of Management,  Peking University

1990.07 – 1999.08  Pingdu Sub-branch and Economic and Technological Development Zone Sub-branch of ICBC Qingdao Branch

Research Interests

Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance


Advanced Financial Management; Financial Management Theory and Practice



Selected Academic Articles:

1. Jiang Fuxiu, Zhan Jiang, and Kenneth A. Kim, 2020, Capital market, financial institutions and corporate finance in China, Journal of Corporate Finance(SSCI). Forthcoming

2. Jiang Fuxiu, Xinni Cai, Zhan Jiang, and John Nofsinger, 2019, Multiple large shareholders and dividends: Evidence from China, Pacific Basin Finance Journal(SSCI), 57, October, 1-19.

3. Jiang Fuxiu, Kenneth A. Kim, Yunbiao Ma, John Nofsinger, and Beibei Shi, 2019, Corporate culture and investment-cash flow sensitivity, Journal of Business Ethics (SSCI), 154:425–439.

4. Jiang Fuxiu, Wenjing Cai, Xue Wang and Bing Zhu, 2018, Multiple large shareholders and corporate investment, Journal of Corporate Finance(SSCI), 50, 66-83.

5. Jiang Fuxiu, Zhan Jiang, Jicheng Huang, Kenneth A. Kim, and John Nofsinger, 2017, Bank competition and leverage adjustment, Financial Management(SSCI), 46(4), Winter, 995-1022.

6. Jiang Fuxiu, Kenneth A. Kim, John, Nofsinger and Bing Zhu, 2017, A Pecking Order of Shareholder Structure, Journal of Corporate Finance, 44, 1-14.

7. Jiang Fuxiu, Yunbiao Ma, and Beibei Shi, 2017, Stock Liquidity and Dividend payouts, Journal of Corporate Finance(SSCI), 42, 295-315.

8. Jiang Fuxiu, Kenneth Kim, John Nofsinger, and Bing Zhu, 2015, Product market competition and corporate investment, Journal of Corporate Finance (SSCI), 35, 196-210.

9. Jiang Fuxiu, Zhan Jiang, Kenneth A. Kim, and Min Zhang, 2015, Family-firm risk-taking: does religion matter?, Journal of Corporate Finance(SSCI), 33, 206-278.

10. Jiang Fuxiu, Kenneth A. Kim, 2015, Corporate governance in China: a modern perspective, Journal of Corporate Finance (SSCI), 32(June): 190-216.  

11. Jiang Fuxiu, Min Zhang, Wen Zhang and Xiaoqiang Zhi, 2014, Regional Unemployment and the Restructuring of Distressed State-owned Enterprises: Evidence from China, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade(SSCI), 50(6), 21-38.

12. Zhang Min, Shenghao Gao, Xinxiao Guan, and Fuxiu Jiang, 2014, Controlling Shareholder-Manager Collusion and Tunneling: Evidence from China, Corporate Governance: An International Review (SSCI). 22(6): 440–459.

13. Jiang Fuxiu, Bing Zhu, and Jicheng Huang, 2013, CEO’s financial experience and earnings management, Journal of Multinational Financial management, 23, pp134-145.

14. Jiang Fuxiu, Kenneth A. Kim, and Jicheng Huang, 2013, Appointments of outsiders as CEOs, state-owned enterprises, and firm performance. Pacific Basin Finance Journal (SSCI), 23, pp49-64. 

15. Huang Wei, Fuxiu Jiang*, Zhibiao Liu and Min Zhang, 2011, Agency cost, top executives’ overconfidence and investment-cash flow sensitivity: Evidence from listed companies in China, Pacific Basin Finance Journal (SSCI), 19, pp216-277.  

16. Jiang Fuxiu, Gergory R. Stone, Jianfei Sun, and Min Zhang, 2011, Managerial Hubris, Firm Expansion and Firm Performance: Evidence from China, Social Science Journal (SSCI), 9, Vol.48, Issue 3, pp489-499.   


F. Jiang, Investment of Chinese Listed Company, Peking University Press.

Services & Awards

Honors and Awards

2012  Second Prize Award for Outstanding Papers of Accounting Society of China;

2012  Renmin Business School Best Teacher Award for Postgraduates;

2011  The Best MPAcc Teacher of Renmin Business School;

2010  Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University by the Ministry of Education;

2010  The Second Prize of the 11th Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievements.

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