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1996.9-2002.6    Ph.D., Management, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China;

1993.9-1995.12  Visiting Scholar, Department of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan;

1986.9-1989.7    Master, Economics, Department of Industrial Economics, Renmin University of China;

1979.9-1983.7    Bachelor, Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Taiyuan Institute of Technology (now Taiyuan University of Technology).

Working Experiences

1989.7- Present  Teacher, Renmin University of China;

1983.7-1986.8    Technician, Shanxi Changzhi Heat Treatment Center.

Research Interests

General Management, Quality Management, Operation Management


Management, Quality Management, Management Principles and Practices, Organizational Performance Improvement Methods



Shubin Jiao, et al. ,2011, Quality Management and Quality Control(9), China Quality. Shubin Jiao,2011, Effective Leadership, China Quality.

Jingyue Xu, Shubin Jiao, Xiaoguang Li,2008, The Influence Mechanism of Process Management on Independent Innovation Capability of Corporations: Case Study of Hisense, presented at Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2008(ISTP).

Xiaoguang Li, Shubin Jiao, Jingyue Xu,2008, Research on Comparison of China-U.S. Entrepreneurship From Perspective of History, Culture and Ideology, presented at Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2008(ISTP),  invited by Management Research News( journal of Emerald publishing) and be submitted (forthcoming)

Jingyue Xu,Shubin Jiao,Xiaoguang Li,2008, Application of Six-Sigma Approach to the Performance Evaluation of Supply Chain, presented in The Seventh Wuhan International Conference of E-business on May,31th(ISTP).

Shubin Jiao,2008, The Evaluation Criterion for Excellence Achievement in the United States 2008, China Quality.

Gang Yue, Shubin Jiao,2008, Excellent Performance Model, Enterprise Management.

Selected Monographs:
2013.12  Twelve Problems of Management, 2nd Edition.


Shubin Jiao, May 2010,Quality Management And Quality Control (translated), China Renmin University Press.

Wenshi Yang, Shubin Jiao, January 2009,Management 3th, China Renmin University Press,  .

Shubin Jiao, January 2009,The 12 question in management, China Renmin University Press.

Lin Ma, Shubin Jiao,March 2008,CEO’s Quality Management, China Science & Technology Press.

Shubin Jiao, Yuntao Chen, Jingyue Xu,Xiaoguang Li, November 2007,MBA Operation Management (translated), China Renmin University Press.

2014.02  Management, 4th Edition, China Renmin University Press.

Services & Awards

Key community services

Executive Director, China Association for Quality.

Honors and Awards

2015   Management, 4th Edition, First Prize of the High Level Works Award of Renmin Business School.

RMBS made the Top-50 list of MBA,
EMBA and EE programs——The Financial Times

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