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2003.09-2009.06  Master &Ph.D., Business Administration, School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University

1999.09-2003.06  Bachelor, Information and Computing Science, School of Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Working Experiences

2015.05-Present    Associate Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, General Management, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China

2014.08-2015.04   Associate Professor, General Management, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China

2009.08-2014.07   Assistant Professor, General Management, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China

Research Interests

Business Model Innovation, Digital Entrepreneurship, Strategic Entrepreneurship


Principles of Management, Strategic Management, Business Model Innovation (for Undergraduates);Seminar on Entrepreneurship, Seminar on Innovation Management, Seminar on Topic Selection (for Graduate Students);Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Bu



Selected Academic Articles:

1. Hai Guo, Zhuen Yang, Ran Huang, & Anqi Guo. The digitalization and public crisis responses of small and medium enterprises: Implications from a COVID-19 survey. Frontiers of Business Research in China, 2020, 14(3): 22-47.

2. Hai Guo, Chao Wang, Zhongfeng Su, & Donghan Wang. Technology push or market pull? Strategic orientation in business model design and digital start-up performance. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2020, 37(4): 352-372.

3. Hai Guo, Jintong Tang, & Zelong Wei. How managerial ties impact opportunity discovery in a transition economy? Evidence from China. Management Decision, 2020, 58(2): 344-361.

4. Hai Guo, Jun Yang, & Jiaping Han. The fit between value proposition innovation and technological innovation in the digital environment: Implications for the performance of startups. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2019, DOI: 10.1109/TEM.2019.2918931.

5. Donghan Wang, Zhongfeng Su, & Hai Guo*. Top management team conflict and exploratory innovation: The mediating impact of market orientation. Industrial Marketing Management, 2019, 82: 87-95.

6. Hongjia Ma, Hai Guo*, & Rui Shen. Organizational regulatory legitimacy, entrepreneurial orientation, and SME innovation: An optimal distinctiveness perspective. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 2019, 31(7): 833-847.

7. Hai Guo, Rui Shen, & Zhongfeng Su. The impact of organizational legitimacy on product innovation: A comparison between new ventures and established firms. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2019, 66(1): 73-83.

8. Feifei Jiang, Hai Guo*, Zelong Wei, & Donghan Wang. The fit between managerial ties and resource bundling capabilities: Implications for performance in manufacturing firms. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2018, 65(2): 216-226. 

9. Donghan Wang, Hai Guo*, and Lu Liu. One Goal, Two Paths: How managerial ties impact business model innovation in a transition economy. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2017, 30(5): 779-796.

10. Zhongfeng Su, Hai Guo*, & Wei Sun. Exploration and firm performance: The moderating impact of competitive strategy. British Journal of Management, 2017, 28(3): 357-371. (2017.7.11)

11. Hai Guo, Jintong Tang, Zhongfeng Su, & Jerome Katz. Opportunity recognition and SME performance: The mediating effect of business model innovation. R&D Management, 2017, 47(3): 431-442. (2017.5.18)

12. Hai Guo, Zhongfeng Su, and David Ahlstrom. Business model innovation: The effects of exploratory orientation, opportunity recognition, and entrepreneurial bricolage in an emerging economy. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2016, 33(2): 533-549. 

13. Hai Guo, Jintong Tang, and Zhongfeng Su. To be different or to be the same? The interactive effect of organizational regulatory legitimacy and entrepreneurial orientation on new venture performance. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2014, 31(3): 665-685.

14. Hai Guo, Erming Xu, and Mark Jacobs. Managerial political ties and firm performance during institutional transitions: An analysis of mediating mechanisms. Journal of Business Research, 2014, 67(2): 116-127.

15. Hai Guo and Zhi Cao. Strategic flexibility and SME performance in an emerging economy: A contingency perspective. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2014, 27(2): 273-298.

16. Zelong Wei, Yaqun Yi, and Hai Guo. Organizational learning ambidexterity, strategic flexibility, and new product development. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2014, 31(4): 832-847.

17. Heng Liu, Xiuhao Ding, Hai Guo and Jinhui Luo. How does slack affect product innovation in high-tech Chinese firms: The contingent value of entrepreneurial orientation. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2014, 31(1): 47-68.

18. Hai Guo, Jing Zhao and Jintong Tang. The role of top managers’ human and social capital in business model innovation. Chinese Management Studies, 2013, 7(3): 447-469.

19. Yuan Li, Hai Guo, Yaqun Yi and Yi Liu. Ownership concentration and product innovation in Chinese firms: The mediating role of learning orientation. Management and Organization Review, 2010, 6(1): 77-100.

20. Yuan Li, Xunfeng Liu, Longwei Wang, Mingfang Li, and Hai Guo. How entrepreneurial orientation moderates the effects of knowledge management on innovation. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 2009, 26(6): 645-660 (2010 Most Popular Article).

21. Yuan Li, Hai Guo, Yi Liu and Mingfang Li. Incentive mechanisms, entrepreneurial orientation, and technology commercialization: Evidence from China’s transitional economy. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2008, 25(1): 63-78.

Services & Awards

Key community services

Member, Academy of Management (AOM)
Member, Strategic Management Society (SMS)
Member, USASBE
Member, International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR)
Researcher, Research Center of Enterprise Innovation and Competitiveness, Renmin University of China, Renmin University of China
Academic Director, Entrepreneur Training Camp, Renmin University of China
Council Expert, the Chinese Management Model Excellence Award
Entrepreneurship Mentor, University Entrepreneurship Pioneer Park and Incubator in Beijing
Member, Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Industrial Integration and Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management and Quarterly Journal of Management
Referee, the Journal of Product Innovation Management, R&D Management, Journal of Business Research, Management and Organization Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Chinese Journal of Management, Management Review, Economic Theory and Business Management, Economic Management Journal.

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