Haipeng Niu Depart.:Marketing Academic Title:Associate Professor Tel:8610-82500520 Fax:8610-82509169 Email:niuhaipeng@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn

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1999-2005 Ph.D. in Economics, Renmin University of China

1993-1996 M.A. in Economics, Renmin University of China

1987-1991 B.A. in Economics, Renmin University of China,

Working Experiences

2007.09-Present   Faculty, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China

1991.08-1993.08  The price bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Research Interests

Marketing Strategy, Service marketing, Brand Management


Marketing Management, service management, Brand management



Selected Academic Articles:
1.Ruojing Jiao, Haiopeng Niu, How to achieve the Nash equilibrium of environmental protection under the new normal condition, Chinese Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.01, 2016.02
2.Guoqing Guo, Haiopeng Niu, The Economic Growth Effect of Environmental Investment, Heilongjiang Social Sciences, Vol.01, 2016.01
3.Guoqing Guo, Haiopeng Niu, Can Informationization Reduce Environmental Pollution, Heilongjiang Social Sciences, Vol.02, 2015.03
4.Xiaoliang Li, Haiopeng Niu, Pingtan Zhang, Nine Views on Environmental Protection Reform and Development from the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Environmental Protection, Vol.04, 2014.04
5.Ruojing Jiao, Haiopeng Niu, Identification and Implications of Relationships Among Pollutant Emission, Economic Structure and Economic Growth in China Through Multivariate Analysis, Journal of Environmental Science and Management
6.Xia Wang, Haiopeng Niu, Research on the Impact of Brand Exposure on Internet Word-of-Mouth in Enterprise Micro-Blog Marketing, Management Review, Vol.05, 2013.05
7.Xioaming Wang, Haiopeng Niu, Investment Inequality in Environmental Protection and Regional Economic Disparities—An Empirical Test Based on Statistics from 1995 to 2009, Modernization of Management, 2012.12
8.Qunhui Lin, Haiopeng Niu, Spillover Effect of Environmental Investment: Evidence from Panel Data   at Provincial Level in China, Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, Vol.03, 2012.06
9.Qunhui Lin, Haiopeng Niu, The Evaluation of Coordination of Chinese Environment, Resources and Industrial Growth Based on Directional Distance Function, Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences, Vol.08, 2012.05
10.Haiopeng Niu, An Empirical Study on the Relationship among Economic Structure, Economic Development and Pollutant Discharge, China Soft Science, 2012.04
11.Haiopeng Niu, Enterprise Donation, Market Cognition and the Content of Earnings Information, Economic Theory and Business Management, 2012.04
12.Haiopeng Niu, Pollution Discharge Fee Collection, Technology Innovation and Pollution discharge, Review of Economy and Management, 2012.04

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