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1999-2005  Postdoctoral Research Station of Renmin University of China, Postdoctoral Research Station of China Jialing Group
1996-1999  Ph.D., Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China
1987-1990  Master, Department of Trade Economics, Renmin University of China
1983-1987  Bachelor, Department of Economic Information Management, Renmin University of China

Working Experiences

1990-Present   Teacher, Renmin University of China
1998-1999     Nagoya City University

Research Interests

Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management Information Systems, Japanese Business


Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management



Selected Academic Articles:
Zelin Zhang, Dongxian Li, Research on Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Joint Venture Stability - Based on Resource Complementary, Corporate Learning and Organization Justice Dimension, Modernization of Management, June 2016;
Dongxian Li, Research on the Impact of Service Recovery on Customer Satisfaction Based on Online Shopping Environment, Proceeding of 2011Exchange Conference: International Marketing Science and Information Technology, December 2011;
Dongxian Li, Chengqiang Li, Research on the Security Development of China's Circulation Industry, Heilongjiang Social Sciences, January 2010;
Dongxian Li, Chengqiang Li, Economic Effect Analysis of Circulation Industry, Lanzhou Academic Journal, February 2010;
Dongxian Li, Value Chain Integration Based on Information System, Computer Education, March 2006.

Selected Monographs:
Baocheng Ji, Yilin Lv, Dongxian Li, Marketing Guide (6th Edition), China Renmin University Press, September 2017;
Dongxian Li, International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition (8th Edition), Tsinghua University Press, September 2011;
Dongxian Li, Internet Marketing Practices: Tools and Methods (translation), China Renmin University Press, January 2011;
Dongxian Li, Modern Logistics Management, Tsinghua University Press, June 2011;
Dongxian Li, Second Life: Notes from the New World of the Internet (translation), Tsinghua University Press, September 2009;
Dongxian Li, Solomon Marketing (translation), China Renmin University Press, 2009.10.
Dongxian Li, Chief Editor, The Dragon World: Bank Classic Marketing Case Analysis, Tsinghua University Press, May 2009;
Dongxian Li, Chief Translator, Kleppner Advertising Guide (17th Edition), Tsinghua University Press, November 2008;
Dongxian Li, Chief Editor, Procurement and Supply Chain Cases, China Machine Press, 2008.10. Designated teaching material of the Natio


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