Jidong Han Depart.:Marketing Academic Title:Associate Professor Tel:8610-82500475 Fax:8610-82509169 Email:hanjidong@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn

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1999.09-2004.01  Ph.D. in Management, Renmin University of China
1994.09-1997.07  M.A. in Economics, Renmin University of China
1988.09-1992.07  B.E., Tianjin Textile Engineering Institute

Working Experiences

Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China
Shenzhen Ruibo Computer Network Appliance Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Xinhaihu Communication Equipment Co. Ltd
Xi'an Haibo International High-tech Co. Ltd
Xi'an State-run Xijing Clothes Factory

Research Interests

Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Repeat Purchase Behavior, Big Data Marketing


Marketing Management, B2B Marketing, Marketing Simulation, International Business Simulation , Entrepreneurial Action SimulationResearch Philosophy:“Marketing research should go with the tide of data-driven, link businesses and academics for insight



Selected Academic Articles:
Han, J., Shen, Y., & Leszczyc, P. T. (2017). Short-and Long-run Competition of Retailer Pricing Strategies. International Journal of Business, 22(2).
Shen, Y., Li Shen., Han, J.,(2017).Seller Product Information vs. Electronic Word-of-Mouth: An Empirical Study on Online Buyers’ Preferences. WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics, (14), 163-169
Cheng, D., Han, J., & Song, Y. (2011). Is value sufficient? Empirical research on the impact of value and trust on intention. Journal of Software, 6(1), 124-131.
Jidong, Han, Hao Zhang, Xia Wang (2013). Research Progress on the Relationship between Social Networking Sites and Consumer Purchase Decisions. Commercial Time (15), pp. 36-38;
Zhilan Li, Jidong, Han, Lin Jiang (2013). The Difference of Consumption Intention Among Households of Different Scales in China. China Business and Market, 27(7), pp. 92-96;
Guanzhi Wu, Hao Zhang, Zhangjian Shi, Jidong Han (2013). Measurement of Banking Service Quality Dimensions and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors. Economic Survey (4), pp.94-98;
Jidong Han, Liping Wang (2007). Mechanism Analysis of "First-in Advantage" in Online Auction and Its Warning to Investors. Contemporary Finance & Economics (7), pp. 68-71;
Jidong Han, Pingdan Zhang, Yanyan Zhang (2005). Core Competence Evaluation of Enterprise Value. Modernization of Management (2), pp. 28-30;
Jidong Han, Yanyan Zhang, Dong Cheng, Guanzhi Wu (2004). Research on Evaluation Index System of Auction Website. Modernization of Management (1), pp.36-40;
Jidong Han, Dong Cheng, Yanyan Zhang (2002). Comparative Study of Online Auction Mode and Traditional Auction Mode. Modernization of Management (3), pp.36-39;
Jidong Han, Weiping Yuan (2004). Construction of Brand Gradient. China Marketing (Management) (08), p.24.

Selected Monographs:
Jidong Han, Dong Cheng, Yanyan Zhang, Analysis of Customer


2016 Jidong Han, Jinzhe Song, Dongxian Li, Guanzhi Wu, “Driving and purchasing restriction: the challenge faced by ZY Corporation. (A) (B) (C)”, (Case No.: GC-15-024), The Global Platform of China Cases (ChinaCases.Org);

2012 Jidong Han, Service Marketing, China Renmin University Press;

2002 Jidong Han, Dong Cheng, Introduction to Electronic Commerce, China Renmin University Press;

2002 Jidong Han, Design and Marketing of New Products (Chinese Version), Huaxia Publishing House.

Services & Awards

Honors and Awards

2011   “Excellent Teaching in Undergraduate Program”, Renmin University of China;
2010   “Best Teaching Contribution in EMBA Program”, School of Business, Renmin University of China;
2010   “Best Social Service”, School of Business, Renmin University of China;
2009   “Best Social Service”, School of Business, Renmin University of China;
2004   Second Prize of the “The 3rd Renmin University Teaching Basic Skill Competition Award”, Renmin University of China;
2003   Nominated for “Top 10 Excellent Professors in Teaching of Renmin University”;
2003   “Chinese Business Association Scholarship”, Renmin University of China.

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