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1998.9-2001.7  Ph.D. in Trade Economics, Renmin University of China, Beijing
1988.9-1991.7  M.S. in Trade Economics, Renmin University of China, Beijing
1984.9-1988.7  Bachelor of Economics, Renmin University of China, Beijing

Working Experiences

2001.8-Present    Faculty, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China.
1992.10-1998.8   Nanfang Trade Corp., Guangzhou.
1991.8-1992.10   National Tourism Service Company of China, Beijing.

Research Interests

Economics of Distribution, Trade Economics, Retail Management


Trade Economics



Selected Academic Articles:
1.Is it Necessary for Chinese “Bricks- and- mortar” retailers to Carry out Online Sales Business? Review of Industrial Economics, 2017.1
2.The Evolution and Decomposition of Chinese Retailing Total Factor Productivity,
Commercial Research, 2017.7
3.The Role of Distribution Service in Retail Activities--Based on the View of Consumer Satisfaction, China Business and Market, 2017.4
4.How Should the Brick-and-mortar Retailers "Touch the Internet"? -from the Perspective of Retail Technical Efficiency, Journal of Business Economics, 2017.4
5.Structural Burden: The Proportion of The Distribution Sector and Regional Economic Growth, Economic Theory and Business Management, 2016.6
6.The Construction of Enterprise Value Network in the Internet Age -- a Case Analysis Based on a Network Company, Economic Management Journal,2016
7.Path of Building Competitive Advantage for Chinese Retail Firms, China Business and Market, 2016.8
8.The Re-intermediation of Wholesaler in the Internet Era —From the Perspective of Value Chain Integration, Journal of Business Economics, 2016.6
9.The Role of Commodity Distribution Channel's Organization Level on Enterprises' Adjustment of Transforming from Foreign Trade to Domestic Sale——New Exploration under Internet Economy, Finance & Trade Economics, 2016.9
10.Research on the Technical Efficiency of Chinese Retail Industry Based on the Stochastic Frontier Analysis Model, China Business and Market, 2016.11
11.Space, Consumption Stickiness and the Low Consumption Ratio Puzzle, Journal of Renmin University of China, 2015.3
12.Exchange Labor Create Value: From the Perspective of “Internet Plus”, Modern Management Science, 2015
13.Slotting Allowance of Supermarkets: Reality and Logic, Journal of Business Economics, 2015.2
14.Research on Profit-making Mode of Chinese Retailing Industry--A Gamblin

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