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1991.9 - 1994.7    Ph.D., Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
1984.9 - 1987.7    Master, Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
1978.10 - 1982.8   Bachelor, Economics, Hubei Institute of Finance and Economics

Working Experiences

2017.9        A-post of Special Term Professor for “Distinguished Academics”, Renmin University of China 
2008           Director, Academic Board, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China
2008.12      Second-grade Professor, Renmin University of China
2001.12 -    Professor, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China
2003.4- 2005.12     Chair, Department of Trade Economics, Renmin Business School,  Renmin University of China
1995.8- 2001.12     Professor, Zhongnan University of Economic and Law
1998.9 - 2001.10    Dean, School of Business Administration, Zhongnan University of Economic and Law
2005.1 - 2005.7      Senior Research Scholar, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
1995.1- 1995.6       Visiting Scholar, Economic Development School, World Bank

Research Philosophy:
Devoting myself to basic theory and frontier research of International Economics as well as applying it to practice over the years, I’m focusing on promoting the transformation of research methods of International Economics, presiding over establishing several application data base suitable for Chinese trade flow research, systematically introducing and improving measurement model and technology of trade flow, among which the in-depth discussion about academic ideas and application of gravity model has generated wide and lasting influence on domestic peers and especially young scholars; tracking research conclusions on time series data of Chinese foreign trade and national sector competitiveness obtained a good reputation after being provided to state leaders and relevant departments for decision reference; profoundly studying the influence of opening technology diffusion on production rate change among regions in China and foreign trade development models of transition economy with the background of technology diffusion etc.; comprehensively inspecting historical development of international trade model and the conflict with contemporary economic technical conditions; by integrating the latest scientific achievements about new Ricardian Model research in the field of International Economics and innovative discussion about the growth model of two parts, I’ve constructed solutions and measurement model for Rybczynski effect in order to resolve the influence of production factor mobility on output level described by production function under open economic conditions. Meanwhile, in the newly developed context of contemporary technology and economics, I’ve launched new research and computational simulation sequencing for a mainstream paradigm of international trade theory as well as constructed solutions for classical production function measure under the condition of discrepant production factor flow given by open economy. At the same time, facing new topics of China’s opening up in the new period of open economy development, I keep paying attention to the new issue of global balanced growth since financial crisis, launching systematic theory and practical problem research on the new influence of Chinese trade friction, and putting forward relevant solutions and policy design. I’ve initially constructed a theoretical hypothesis of total management trade with approximately stable analysis and tried to bring trade factors into this research from supply-side view for the first time in order to expand growth accounting model and inspect contributions of trade department on economic growth.

Teaching Philosophy:
Cultivate academic talents with academic ideals, global vision and academic competence.

Due to the outstanding achievements in teaching and scientific research in the field of International Economics, Professor Gu has been honored with the Second “Young University Teacher Prize” of the Ministry of Education and enjoys Special Government Allowance of the State Council, bearing high academic prestige among peers and in the academic circle.

Research Interests

Basic Theory of International Economics, Mathematics and Quantitative Analysis of International Economy, International Business


The Fundamentals of the World Trade Organization (for Undergraduates)Intermediate International Economics (for Mater Students )Advanced International Economics (for Doctor Candidates )Economics Foundation of International Business (for Professional



Selected Academic Articles:

2016.11    Non-linear Increasing Contribution of Net Export --- Based on Empirical Survey of Chinese Provincial Panel Data in 1995-2011    First Author /Corresponding Author    Economic Research Journal

2003.9    Biochemical Model Synthesis Applied in Chinese Trade Policy    Independent Author    Economic Research Journal

2003.4    Export-oriented Trade Diversion: Theoretic Verification and Expected Application of Chinese Foreign Trade Development Mode    First Author /Corresponding Author    Management World

2001.2    Development and Application of Gravity Model in International Economics    Independent Author    World Economy

2000.3    Competition Policy Choice in Chinese Foreign Trade Development    Independent Author    Social Science in China

2000.2    Empirical Analysis on Export Fluctuation Difference Between Chinese Citizens and Foreign Capital Departments in 1990-1998: Verification and Expansion of HBS Deduction    Independent Author    Management World

2012.3    New Ricardian Model: Contemporary Renaissance and Expansion Conception of Classical Law    Independent Author    Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics

2010 .8    An Exploration into Transformation of Practical Economics Research Method: Take Opening Economy in China as Example    Independent Author    Finance & Trade Economics

2009.12    Strategic Adjustment of Chinese Foreign Trade Macro-management in Post Financial Crisis Era: Empirical Description of Financial Economy Environmen


1.Kejian Gu , Yu Jian, 2008,Research on Changes in Exchange Rate and the Ensuing Adjustment of Industrial Structure in China, Renmin University Press.

2. Kejian Gu , 2007, Business,Government and the International Economy,  Renmin University Press, Translations.

3.  Kejian Gu , 2007.5,New Round Globalization and Industrial Structure Recombination of China, Research Report.

4.  Kejian Gu ,2006,The Economic Transition and Trade Flows in China: Theoretical Investigations and Econometrical Analyses Based on the Joint Fundamentals of Institution and Technology, Renmin University Press.

5.  Kejian Gu , 2006, International Management, Renmin University Press, Translations.

Services & Awards

Key community services

Founding Member, International Economics and Finance Society China (IEFS China);
Vice Chairman, National University Trade Economy Teaching Seminar (1993-2002, 2010-);
Executive Director, China Association of International trade (1998-2005);
Executive Director, National University International Trade Cooperative Group (2006-  );
Member, Textbook Compilation Committee of the Ministry of Finance (1998-   );
Member, Advisory Committee of Wuhan People’s Government (2000-2001);
Independent Director, Mailyard Co., Ltd (2003-2013);
Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Renmin University of China;
Member of Editorial Board of Journal of International Trade.

Honors and Awards

2015  Expert with the Special Government Allowance of the State Council;
2001 “The Young faculty Prize” Laureate awarded by the Ministry of Education;
2012  “Outstanding International Visiting Scholar” of State of Rhode Island and University of Rhode Island;
The Third Prize of the 6th Chinese University Outstanding Achievements in Humanistic and Social Science Research of Ministry of Education;
The Second Prize of the 5th Chinese University Outstanding Achievements in Humanistic and Social Science Research of Ministry of Education;
2008  The Second Prize of The 10th Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Beijing;
2004  The Second Prize of the 8th Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Beijing;
2002  The Second Prize of the Seventh  Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Beijing;
2000  The Third Prize (Excellent Paper) of An Zijie International Trade Research;
1999  The First Prize (Excellent Paper) of An Zijie International Trade Research;

1997  The Third Prize of The Outstanding Teaching Achievements, Hubei Province;
1997  The Third Prize of the 2nd National University Outstanding Achievements in Humanistic and Social Science;
1996  The Third Prize (Excellent Work) of An Zijie International Trade Research.
Media Coverage, Speech at Business Forum
2016.10.15  Hosted the 2nd Thematic Forum of “Vast Macroscopic View * National Forum” and “Open Macro-economic” and preached papers;
2016.10.16  Attended Specialist Forum of “2016 Annual Meeting of National University International Trade Science Cooperative Group” and made an academic presentation of “Intensive Margin and Extensive Margin in International Economic Research”;
2016.11.30  Was invited to attend the 65th Anniversary of the University of International Business and Economics and presented the 19th Lecture of Famous Teacher Auditorium with the topic of “Amendment and Expansion of Classical Stability Conditions in Elastic Analysis Method -Analysis and Application of An Incomplete Competitive Economics”;
2016.5.26    Accurately Grasp Rich Connotation of Supply-side Structural Reform, Economic Daily.

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