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1989-1992  Ph.D., Economics, Xiamen University
1983-1986  Master, Economics, Xiamen University
1978-1982  Bachelor, Economics, Finance & Trade College of Anhui
1970-1972  High School, the Seventh Middle School in Ningbo

Working Experiences

2005-Present  Professor, Renmin University of China
1992-2005    Professor, Xiamen University
1986-1988    Cadre, State Planning Commission of China
1972-1978    Worker, Power Station of the 46th Train, the Ministry of Water Resources and Electrical Power    

Director of Research Administration Division of Xiamen University;
1993—1996  Associate Professor, Economics Institute, Xiamen University;
Vice-Chief Editor of “China Economic Issues”, Xiamen University;
1989—1992   Lecturer of Economics, Department of Economics, Xiamen University;
1986 —1988  Section Chief & Economist,  State Planning Commission of China, Beijing;
1982—1983  Teacher of Economics, Supply & Demand, Association College of Zhejiang, Hangzhou.

Research Interests

Market Economy, Industrial Economy, Regional Economy


Analysis and Research on Market, Industrial Economics, Economics of Antitrust and Regulation, “Belt and Road” Business Economics



Selected Academic Articles:
1.“Better Playing the Government Role on Regional Market Integration”, Finance & Trade Economics, No. 2 (2017);
2.“Misuse of Resources and Measure Loss of Welfare in Chinese Manufacturing Industry”, Economic Research Journal, No.3 (2013);
3.“Comments on Economic Growth Mode of the Process of the Urbanization in China”, Economic Theory and Business Management, No. 12 (2015).

Selected Monographs:
1.“New Theory of China’s Unified Market”, The Commercial Press, 2009, (Won the 6th Wu Yuzhang Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2012);
2.“Research on the Theory of the Urbanization with Chinese Characteristics in New Period”, China Renmin University Press, 2013.

Selected Research Grants:
Major Research Project of Humanities and Social Science Base of the Ministry of Education in 2016: “Creating a New Pattern of Opening-up in New Period: A Study on the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative and the Foundation of the Well-off Society” (16JJD790059).

Selected Presentations at Academic Meetings: (2017)
2017.10.21  Reported “Observation and Reflection on Chinese Economy of the 19th National Congress” on the 23rd Annual Meeting of American Chinese Society Social Sciences Association;
2017.3.9    Reported “Economics Theoretical Analysis of ‘Belt and Road’” in the North American Academic Conference of the Chinese Economists Society.


Textbooks :
1. General Theory of Chinese Market Economy, China Renmin University Press, 2012;
2. ‘Belt and Road’ Economic Reader, Economic Science Press, 2017.

Services & Awards

Key community services

2000  Senior Visiting Scholar, Stanford University and University of Southern California,, supported by China Scholarship Council;
2004  Senior Visiting Scholar, Fulbright Program, Johns Hopkins University;
Special member, the Chinese Economists Society and Chinese American Social Science Professors Association.

Honors and Awards

1999   Expert with the Special Government Allowance of the State Council;

2012  New Theory of Urbanization in China, the Sixth Wu Yuzhang Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences;
2009   New Theory of China's Unified Market, the First Prize of the 5th Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences of National Colleges and Universities;
2005   Co-edited Textbook “Political Economy”, Published by Higher Education Press, 2003,        The First Prize of the 5th National Higher Education Excellent Teaching Material;
1994   Study on Inter-regional Foreclosure in China, The Ninth “China Book Prize”.

Media Coverage, Speech at Business Forum:
2017.5.16  The special article "An Interview Record of Professor Chen Yongjun from Renmin University of China: ‘Belt and Road’ Is a Rich Ore”, dedicated to Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, was published on Business .sohu.com, and the online page views reached 600,000 in only 36 hours.

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