Jiye Mao Depart.:Management Science and Engineering Academic Title:Professor Tel:8610-82509169 Fax:8610-82509169 Email:maojiye@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn

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1989.9-1994.12  Ph.D., MIS, University of British Columbia
1985.9-1989.8   MBA, McGill University
1981.9-1985.7   Bachelor, Economic Information Management, Renmin University of China

Working Experiences

2004.6-Present   Professor, Renmin Business School, Renmin University of China;
2002.1-2004.6   Visiting Research Fellow, College of Business
City University of Hong Kong;
2001.1-2002.12  Visiting Scientist (Part-time) in IBM Toronto Labs;
1995.1-2002.8   Tenured Professor, Department of Management Science and Engineering
University of Waterloo.

Research Philosophy, Teaching Philosophy, Impacts : 

Management is to get the organization to do the right thing and do things the right way, i.e., overcoming the arbitrary and realizing informatization.
Any management problem has an IT-based solution.
Currently, IT, especially the e-commerce, should be the first choice for enterprises to overcome management bottleneck.

Research Interests

Organizational Adoption of Information Systems, Various User Behaviors, Outsourced Management and Information Project Management, Big Data Applications and Digital Transformation


Management Information System, Empirical Research Methods, Case Studies and Qualitative Research Methods



Selected Academic Articles:
1. Li, L., Su, F., Zhang, W., Mao, J., Digital transformation by SME entrepreneurs: A capability perspective, Information Systems Journal, 2017.
2. Pan, M., & Mao, J. Cross boundary mechanisms for knowledge management by user representatives in enterprise systems implementation. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2016, 63 (4), 438-450.
3. Li, M., Mao, J., Hedonic or Utilitarian? Exploring the Impact of Communication Style Alignment on User's Perception of Virtual Health Advisory Services, International Journal of Information Management, 2015, 35(2): 229-243.
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2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, Author of Top 100 National Excellent Management Cases;
Jiye Mao and Liwang Li, served Crowdsourcing Platform of ZBJ Com. - a flying "pig"? The Eighth National MBA Hundred Outstanding Teaching Cases, China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, August 2017;
Jiye Mao and Gaoyong Li, Business Models and Rapid Growth of All-in-One Platform for All-stakeholder Entity Stores, Seventh National MBA  Hundred Outstanding Teaching  Case, China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, August 2016;
Jiye Mao, Kang Xie and Jinghua Xiao, Transition from Traditional Mode to O2O Mode in Comagic. The Sixth National MBA Hundred Outstanding Teaching Cases, China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, August 2015;
Liang Li, Jiye Mao, Wei Zhang and Zhi Li, Better English: Dynamic Matching of Information Systems and Business Based on Cloud Computing, The Fourth National MBA  Hundred Outstanding Teaching Case, China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, August 2013;
Wei Wang and Jiye Mao, The Second National MBA Hundred Outstanding Management Case; Successfully On-line SAP within Six Months, China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, September 2011;
Xia Zhang and Jiye Mao, The First National MBA Hundred Excellent Teaching Cases, "FMIS System Development of Agricultural Bank of China", China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, July 2010.

Services & Awards

Key community services

Member, Seventh Session of the Ministry of Science and Technology Commission of Management Committee;
Chairman, CNAIS;
Member, Editorial Board of several international academic journals, including Journal of Strategic Information Systems (SCI) and Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (SSCI);
Founding Editor-in-Chief, Frontiers of Business Research in China; Founding Associate Editor of Journal of Information Systems;
Member, the 12th and 14th Expert Review Panels of State Natural Science Foundation of China (Business Administration), Appraiser of National Social Science Foundation.

Honors and Awards

2008  The National Outstanding Young Scientist Award of Science Foundation; 

2009  The Beijing Eminent Professor Award Supervisor, Beijing Outstanding Doctorial Dissertations 

2010  Supervisor, Nominee for the National Best 100 Doctoral Dissertations 

2015-2016   One of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers (Elsevier)

RMBS made the Top-50 list of MBA,
EMBA and EE programs——The Financial Times

Renmin University of China

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